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Real Plans User Guide

Learn how to meal plan with Real Plans. Our user guide covers everything you need to know about getting started, using our meal planning app, and more.


Getting Started

  • Choosing the Diet Type That Is Best for You
  • How To Set Your Dietary Restrictions
  • How To Customize Your Schedule
  • Profile - Setting your email address, password, hemisphere, time zone, favorite shop
  • How to Customize Your Meal Planner using Advanced Filters
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Recipe Box

  • Searching for Recipes in Your Recipe Box
  • How to Add a Recipe to your Meal Planner Directly from the Recipe Box
  • How to Get the Most Recipes on a Restricted Diet
  • Creating your own tags to search and schedule recipes
  • How to Modify a Recipe
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Manage Your Account

  • Manage Your Subscription
  • Manage Your Add-on Subscriptions
  • Update Your Payment Information
  • Giving the gift of Real Plans

Meal Planning

  • How to Use Your Scrolling Weekly Meal Planning Calendar
  • Meal Planning Tips
  • How to Move Recipes on Your Meal Plan
  • Recipe Roulette - Replace a Meal or Add a Side Dish
  • How to make a Note on your Meal Planner: One-Time or Recurring
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  • Using Real Plans on a budget
  • Where to Find Specialty Ingredients on Your Shopping List
  • Manage Your Shops and Ingredients
  • Creating a shopping list for custom dates
  • How to add, schedule, and manage your own shopping list items
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Mobile App Support

  • How to Access Real Plans on your Mobile Device?
  • Android App: How to Set your Diet Type and Schedule
  • Android App: Choosing Your Options and Settings Preferences
  • Customize Your Meal Plan with Filters
  • Adjusting Your Serving Sizes without Changing Your Default Number of Servings
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Whole30 Upgrade Support

  • How to Add the Whole30 Upgrade to Your Real Plans Subscription
  • Whole30 Resources and Support
  • How to Set Up Your Whole30 Meal Plan
  • Setting up Your Whole30 Reintroduction Period
  • Whole30 Slow Roll Reintroduction Using Recipe Box
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