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Real Plans User Guide

Learn how to meal plan with Real Plans. Our user guide covers everything you need to know about getting started, using our meal planning app, and more.


Getting Started

  • How to Set Up Your Low FODMAP Diet Type
  • Which Ingredients are Included in Each Food Group?
  • Introducing the New and Improved Planner View
  • What's New!
  • Choosing a Diet Type that Works for You
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Recipe Box

  • How to Rate a Recipe
  • How to Change Your Equipment Settings
  • How to Remove a Recipe from your Recipe Box
  • How to Search for Recipes in Your Recipe Box
  • How to Add a Recipe to your Meal Planner from the Recipe Box
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Manage Your Account

  • How to Change Your Password in the App
  • How to Change Your Password
  • Real Plans Referral Program
  • How to Update Your Payment Information
  • How to Upgrade Your Subscription
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Meal Planning

  • Why is My Meal Plan Blank?
  • How to Use the ... Menu in Planner View
  • How to Use the My Pantry Tool
  • How to View Recipe Images in Planner View
  • How to View the Timeline
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  • How to View the Shopping List
  • How to Plan Healthy Meals That Won't Break the Bank
  • How to Manage Your Shops and Ingredients
  • How to Create a Shopping List for Specific Days
  • How to Manage the Items on Your Shopping List
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Mobile App Support

  • How to Rate a Recipe Using the Mobile App
  • How to Transfer Your Shopping List to Instacart in the Mobile App
  • How to Navigate Between Weeks Using the Mobile App
  • How to Change Your Profile
  • How to Set your Diet Type and Schedule in the Mobile App
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Whole30 Upgrade Support

  • How to Add a Whole30 Template
  • How to Add the Whole30 Upgrade to Your Real Plans Subscription
  • How to Find Whole30 Resources and Support
  • How to Set Up Your Whole30 Meal Plan
  • How to Set Up Your Whole30 Reintroduction Period
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Macro Tracker

  • How to Add Macro Tracker to Your Subscription
  • How to View the Macro Tracker
  • How to Use Macro Tracker

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