• Click onDiet and Schedule
  • Select the toggle forCalendar meal planning, if it is not already selected
  • If you would like your meal plans to be automatically generated, set the toggle toOnfor
    • If you prefer to select your own recipes, selectOfffor this option and the meal plan will be left blank
  • If you would like touse macro-driven meal plans, set the toggle toOn
    • A subscription to our Macro Tracker tool is required in order to access the macro-driven meal plan option
    • Macro Tracker functions, including macro-driven meal plans, are not available with the Whole30 Settings.
    • Note:When macro-driven meal plans are toggled on, the options on the Diet and Schedule page will change as a recipe or leftover will be scheduled for every meal during the week
    • For more information on how to set up macro-driven meal plans, clickhere


  • Set yourstart date for your Whole30
    • This option is only visible if your diet type is Whole30 and are using calendar meal planning
  • Set thelength of your Whole30(30 days is default)
    • This option is only visible if your diet type is Whole30 and are using calendar meal planning

Set up your basic schedule

  • Select how manydinnersyou will cook each week
    • Use the slider to select the number of recipes that will be cooked for dinner during the week
  • Check the box next toDo you want enough for leftovers?if you would like the meal plan to use leftovers for some of the meals
    • Note:Leftovers will be scheduled during lunches and/or dinners based on the number of dinner recipes selected
  • Select the appropriate number forHow many extra leftover portions would you like to make?
    • This is the number of extra portions of each dinner recipe that you want to make
  • Select the appropriate number forOver how many meals do you want to spread these leftovers
    • This is how many meals each dinner recipe will be used for a leftover


  • Select thetypes of mealsthat you want scheduled forlunches and breakfasts
  • Selecthow manylunchesandbreakfastswill be needed each week
  • ClickUpdateif you are done making changes.

A new meal plan will be created for you using these basic scheduling settings. However, sometimes you may decide you want a little more control over your schedule. If so, you can create a customized schedule to fit your needs.

Customize your schedule

If you want to customize your schedule further:

  • Click on Customized scheduling
    • Note:Customizing a schedule will override all of the basic scheduling settings explained above


  • Select the days you want a meal scheduled
    • Toggle the meals you want scheduled to green
    • Toggle the meals you don’t want scheduled to white
  • Customize the schedule using filters
  • Add notes
    • Add any notes that you want repeated on a specific meal each week

Save changes

  • Click Save and continueto save your changes

Confirm your changes

  • Update my plan
    • Applies your changes to the current week and future weeks
    • This removes all of the recipes on your meal plan, including the current week, and schedules all new recipes using your new settings
  • Update my future plans
    • Applies your changes on the following week’s meal plan
    • The current week will not change

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)realplans.com.