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A weekly meal planner customized for your (crazy busy) family.

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Real Plans creates and organizes recipes, generates a weekly menu, grocery lists and a day-by-day roadmap for getting healthy, delicious food on the table. We clear the path to the kitchen so you can focus on feeding your family just the way you want.

Mix and match
From your favorite food tribes

GF kid, vegetarian teen and paleo-curious partner? Yeah, we’ve been there. Real Plans was designed by real-foodies living with eating restrictions. We know flexibility is the name of the game in order to manage the awesome, brimming chaos of everyday life.

Recipes for life
Eating good food should be easy

A subscription to Real Plans comes with 1600 recipes that we’ve tested in our home kitchen. Want more?  For just a little extra, you can expand your recipe collection with dishes from your favorite real-food bloggers designed especially for your food tribe.

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Our real food philosophy

We started Real Plans because we found that bringing traditional food values and smart tech together can do some pretty magical things.

We also know first-hand that life can be hectic and complicated, and eating with dietary restrictions makes the obstacle course ten times harder.

So we’ve developed and continue to refine Real Plans to streamline your path to the kitchen and a well-fed family.

You eat 84 times a month.
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What you get with real plans

  • Personalized weekly meal plans
  • Adjustable portion sizes
  • Transformed picky eaters who can’t resist the smell from your kitchen
  • Access to over 1500 original home-style recipes
  • Renewed enthusiasm for cooking
  • Live Chat Support with Meal Planning Specialist
  • Automatic Shopping List
  • Recipe Importer
  • Warm fuzzy feeling from shopping with confidence
  • Flexible schedules to suit your weekly commitment
  • OS and Android Mobile Applications
  • Nutritional Data to support Macro-Nutrient/Calorie counting

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