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How to Set Up Your Low FODMAP Diet Type (Mobile)

This article guides users on how to set up the low FODMAP diet type using the mobile app.

This article guides users on how to set up the low FODMAP diet type using themobileapp. If you are using thewebsite, please clickhere.

Our FODMAP diet type uses the recipes developed by the FODMAP Everyday team to create a low FODMAP meal plan. Due to the nature of the FODMAP diet type, we recommend using calendar meal planning with this diet type.

To select the FODMAP diet type, you will need to add the FODMAP Everyday subscription to your account.

Add the FODMAP Everyday subscription to your account in the app

  • Log in to your account through themobile app
  • Click thegear icon(this is where you access your settings)
  • ClickAccount
  • ClickBuynext to the FODMAP Everyday recipe upgrade
  • After reading the app store purchase information, clickContinue or Subscribe
  • Complete thecheckoutprocess using the same email you use to sign in to Real Plans
    • This will add the FODMAP Everyday recipe collection to your account and allow you to access the FODMAP diet type in your Settings

How to set up your low FODMAP diet

You will need to select the FODMAP diet type on your Diet and Schedule page.

  • Click the gear icon (this is where you access your settings)
    • ClickMeal PlanorWhole30 Meal Plan
    • Click onDiet and Schedule
      • Change defaultservings, if necessary
      • Select FODMAPfrom the drop down menu
    • Real Plans will automatically make your meal plans fit your selected diet type, but to exclude additional foods, clickAdvanced dietary restrictions
      • To exclude an entirefood group:
        • Click on each food group you want to exclude
        • Click on Save and continue at the bottom of the screen
        • Clickherefor a detailed explanation of each food group
      • To exclude anindividual ingredient:
        • Enter the food you wish to avoid in the box under “Search ingredients”
        • Click on each individual ingredient that you want to exclude
          • Confirm each exclusion
        • Click on Confirm exclusions at the bottom of the screen
        • Clickon Save and continue at the bottom of the screen
      • Pro tips:
        • Excluding foods reduces the number of recipes available in your Recipe Box
        • If you need to exclude nightshades from your diet, be sure to exclude both nightshades and potatoes (sweet potatoes are not nightshades)
        • We recommend not excluding foods for which you have a good substitution or could easily omit. Here is a list of ourTop 20 Ingredients that we recommend not excluding.
    • Select whether you would like to use simple meal planning or calendar meal planning
      • Due to the nature of the FODMAP diet type, we recommend using calendar meal planning with this diet type

Set up your basic schedule

  • Select how manydinnersyou will cook each week
    • Use the slider to select the number of recipes that will be cooked for dinner during the week
  • Check the box next toDo you want enough for leftovers?if you would like the meal plan to use leftovers for some of the meals
    • Note:Leftovers will be scheduled during lunches and/or dinners based on the number of dinner recipes selected
  • Select the appropriate number forHow many extra leftover portions would you like to make?
    • This is the number of extra portions of each dinner recipe that you want to make
  • Select the appropriate number forOver how many meals do you want to spread these leftovers
    • This is how many meals each dinner recipe will be used for a leftover
  • Select thetypes of mealsthat you want scheduled forlunches and breakfasts
  • Selecthow manylunchesandbreakfastswill be needed each week
  • ClickUpdateif you are done making changes.

A new meal plan will be created for you using these basic scheduling settings. However, sometimes you may decide you want a little more control over your schedule. If so, you can create a customized schedule to fit your needs.

Customize your schedule

If you want to customize your meal plan further:

  • Click on Customized Scheduling
    • Note:Customizing a schedule will override all of the basic scheduling settings explained above
  • Select the days you want a meal scheduled
    • Toggle the meals you want scheduled to green
    • Toggle the meals you don’t want scheduled to white
  • Customize the schedule using filters
  • Add notes
    • Add any notes that you want repeated on a specific meal each week

Save changes

  • Click Save and continueto save your changes

Confirm your changes

  • Update my plan
    • Applies your changes to the current week and future weeks
    • This removes all of the recipes on your meal plan, including the current week, and schedules all new recipes using your new settings
  • Update my future plan
    • Applies your changes on the following week’s meal plan
    • The current week will not change

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)