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How to Schedule Ingredients to be Added to Your Shopping List Frequently (Mobile)

If you frequently purchase the same item and want it to be automatically scheduled at regular intervals, you can set that up.

If you are using themobile app, you will follow the steps below.If you are using thewebsite, clickhere.

Schedule ingredients to be added to your Shopping List

  • Open yourShopping List
  • Click on the icon with 3 horizontal linesin the upper right corner of the screen
  • ClickManage scheduled ingredients/staples
  • Use the search box to find the item you would like to schedule at regular intervals
    • To add an item that is not shown in the search results, enter the item name and click the + to the right of the search box
  • Select thebuying intervalfor that item to schedule the frequency that you want to purchase that ingredient
    • You can also make any other edits desired for that item
  • ClickAdd scheduled ingredient

Add recommended Whole30 staple ingredients

If you have the Whole30 diet type, and your Whole30 functions are turned on, you will also see an option to quickly add some of the most commonly used Whole30 staple ingredients.

  • Click the+next to the ingredient you would like to add
  • Complete the steps detailed above to schedule the ingredient
  • You can add all of the staple ingredients to your shopping list by scrolling to the bottom of the window and selectingAdd all

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