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How to build your own Low FODMAP meal plan

We are so glad that you are reading this! It means you love food, are following the low FODMAP diet and want to discover how to eat deliciously while remaining diet compliant. We’ve got great news!

FODMAP Everyday® is the #1 place for low FODMAP recipes – we have HUNDREDS of exclusive recipes developed in our very own Test Kitchen – and now those recipes can be accessed through Real Plans so that you can create meal plans and shopping lists – all while keeping those IBS triggers at bay. Be sure to sign up for our Quick Start Series & Newsletter – so you don’t miss any of the latest recipes or guidance on how to learn to thrive while following the low FODMAP diet.

The diet is meant to be undertaken with the help of a Registered Dietitian, because it can appear complicated, especially at first.

Real Plans makes it easier.


1. Start Simple- Low FODMAP Meal Plan Templates

We want you to have the easiest time getting started on your Real Plans Low FODMAP Meal Plans – so we have 3 different Meal Plan Templates to choose from if you want to just dive right in!

Just click on one of these during your onboarding and your Meal Plan will magically generate that template!

  • Basic Low FODMAP Meal Plan
  • Quick and Easy Low FODMAP Meal Plan
  • Plant Based Low FODMAP Meal Plan

2. Let the Planner Do the Work

The next option is to just let the Real Plans planner choose for you. If you’ve already filled in your preferences and given Real Plans your wish list in terms of how many and what type of meals you want this week – then just let the planner do its magic!

3. Your Meal Plan Your Way

You can start from scratch or from one of the above and then customize using FODMAP Everyday® recipes from the plan!

Now go plan your week!

Your low FODMAP gameplan
Meal plans for success

All of our original kitchen tested low FODMAP recipes – 850+ and growing - are now available at Real Plans - literally at your fingertips to plug in and create the perfect week or more of low FODMAP compliant meals - plan, shop, cook and enjoy! When you purchase the FODMAP Everyday Real Plans, your meal planner automatically only schedules low FODMAP recipes. But because we know you have others to feed sometimes, you also get access to over 2000+ Real Plans recipes to use at any time.

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