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Food heals.
(Only if you stick to the plan though).

We've created a time saving professional meal planning tool that saves you time and makes your clients accountable.

Antony Bartlett CEO Real Plans
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Welcome to the professional version of Real Plans. It makes me feel so lucky to work alongside you. You are amazing. You are on the front line, having devoted your life to helping others ease their suffering.

My team and I are honored to be part of your journey and feel confident that Real Plans Pro will help you get more clients to the finishing line. You do your job of inspiring and motivating, we will do ours of backing it up with compliant delicious meal plans.

—Antony Bartlett, CEO and Co-founder

Mitigate all the reasons why your client won’t follow a meal plan

Having assessed what your client needs to eat moving forward, Real Plans Pro takes over to create a real life, pragmatic approach to creating compliant automated meal plans for your clients.

It has over 2000 inspired recipes, every major diet type, customizable templates, advanced shopping lists, comprehensive online support, business branding, Instacart and Amazon Fresh integrations, and the ease of keeping track of your clients’ meal planner usage.

Automated plans, yet still personalized

You Consult Client > Plug in Client’s Data > Client Receives Automated Weekly Meal Plans

By offering personalized meal planning to your existing services, Real Plans Pro takes your business to the next level, with minimal effort on your part. Just add clients to the system, set their diet type and other parameters (like macros and what equipment they have in their kitchen), then publish delicious, compliant meal plans.

Clients can access all of the recipes and meal plans on their desktop and mobile app. Once your client is ready to meal plan without you, roll them into your affiliate program to earn passive income and to create long term habits.

Not ready to purchase without learning more? Watch our personal demo with our CEO!

Why start today?

  • A customer-facing mobile and web application that serves automated meal plans with minimal setup on your part.
  • Increased revenue potential while adding value to your business by offering personalized meal planning to clients
  • Our rapid response email support so you are free to run your business.
  • Earn commissions by converting your clients into a subscription with Real Plans and increase your passive income
  • Easy intake screen to gather your client’s requirements
  • Option to license recipes from many great contributors including Whole30, Real Food Dietitians, The Paleo Mom, Autoimmune Wellness and FODMAP Everyday.
  • Monitor compliance
  • Over 1900 unique recipes
  • Nutritional data
  • Customizable templates
  • Track your clients usage
  • Upload + store your own recipes
  • Brand your business
  • Printable meal plans
  • Easy Instacart integration
  • Earn affiliate income

Why is Real Plans Pro better?

Real Plans encourages professionals to give access to a fully functional meal planning app. This means you are teaching clients to look after themselves. With minimal setup they receive weekly meal plans. They can adjust them all they like while still staying within the diet you set.

The platform is based on our award winning Real Plans client software. Hundreds of practitioners used Real Plans over the years and said, ‘Where is the Pro version’? We said, ‘What does that even mean?’. Real Plans Pro is the result of all that feedback from your peers.

As well as providing online meal planning, you can also produce beautifully printed meal plans. They can be branded with your logo and corporate colors and used as business assets on your website or for clients that do not want to use a computer.

COVID-19 Special Pricing: With so many of us having to adjust to the reality of working remotely, being able to offer a meal planning solution for your clients gives you the opportunity to provide a service they need right now. It’s important to us to give back during this time so we have decided to significantly drop the price of Real Plans Pro.
We hope that by dropping the monthly subscription price, it will help you affordably offer meal planning while allowing you time to focus on other parts of your business.

The only question now is how many clients are you meal planning for at any one time?

Not ready to purchase without learning more? Watch a free demo.

A seat can be easily assigned or unassigned to a client at any time.

All prices quoted in USD. All subscriptions billed and renewed automatically until cancelled. You can cancel at any time.


“Real Plans Pro is an amazing piece of software that has helped me so much in my business. Gone are the days where I need to take valuable time to customize every little detail of a meal plan for each client. Now, I get them started and Real Plans Pro does the rest.”

Becca – Registered Nurse, Holistic Nutritionist, FNTP

“Real Plans Pro is the ultimate DREAM tool for a nutrition practice. I looked for years for something like this and couldn’t find it without being smothered by old school meal planning technology. With delicious real food recipes, the ability to create meal plan templates, and customize your client experience, you’ll fall in love with meal planning all over again!”

Lahana – Certified Clinical Nutritionist + CEO of Thrival Nutrition

“With Real Plans Pro, I am able to create meal plans based around our clients’ macronutrient and health goals. I can filter out the foods we are trying to avoid, and make changes to their plan at any point. It takes the stress off of our clients because all they have to do is open up their app, and their meals are right there waiting for them.”

Bryan – Functional Medicine Practitioner-Summit For Wellness

“I have used Real Plans Pro for myself and my clients for months now.  My family has no idea they are eating an AIP-compliant meal! The recipes are easy and delicious.  The website is very user friendly and the app is invaluable at the grocery store. Being able to set my clients up with this resource is a game changer!  No more printing meal plans and recipe books. It is all there at their fingertips and is completely customizable. Thank you Real Plans Pro for giving me and my clients a tool to set us up for success!”

Shelley – RN, CCN, FNLP

“Real Plans Pro is an excellent and well thought out tool that helps you make better choices when it comes to eating REAL food.  It takes the pain out of meal planning and puts the pleasure back into cooking again, whether you’re working with a practitioner or meal planning by yourself. It has creative, delicious recipes and customized meal plans for every diet choice.”

Yvette – Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and former Software Development Manager

“One of the best things about the Pro version of Real Plans is the template function. I have some tried and true 7-day meal plans that I use on a regular basis for my clients so it’s nice to be able to automate their use here.”

Sara- Holistic Nutritionist