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Here are answers to all the most frequently asked questions about using Real Plans together with FODMAP Everyday.

General FAQs

  • Do you have a sample plan or free trial?

    We don’t offer free trials. To really start to transform your habits, the first step is often investing in the change. We do, however, offer a 10 day full-refund from the date of subscription for purchases made through our website. If you’re not happy, drop us a note and we’ll refund you ASAP.

  • Unlike meal delivery kits, Real Plans is a highly customizable meal planning tool for people who want to cook.

    Real Plans tailors to your family’s specific size, diets, tastes, and preferences—giving you a schedule of recipes and an interactive shopping list so you can streamline the process to getting wholesome, home-cooked food on your table.

    Unlike common, static PDF meal planners, Real Plans remains flexible to changing tastes and schedules—no matter who you’re feeding, how often you plan to cook, and what you feel like eating this week.

    We also provide you with over 1600 kitchen-tested recipes to get started (and many more to add from your favorite food bloggers), so you don’t have to scour the internet for inspiration.

  • We have both iPhone and Android apps, both of which closely mirror the desktop version of Real Plans.

    You can modify your meal plan, access the recipe box, and check off ingredients as you shop.

    For Windows users, we have a lightweight version of Real Plans that works on your phone’s browser.

  • Real Planning tip number one: be realistic about how often you’ll cook. Time in the kitchen depends on how many recipes you’re game to prep.

    In Real Plans settings, you can specify how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you’d like included each week.

    You can always filter for “simple recipes.”

    Batch cooking, yummy leftovers and the occasional cooking holiday (ahem, takeout + wine) encouraged.

  • Real Plans is used globally and costs of food vary greatly country to country, state to state. That said, we love happy bellies and happy wallets.

    We’ve built a pricing filter that allows you to choose recipes based on cost and have a recipe tag for “budget meals.”

    Savvy Real Planners find they save money by selecting a realistic number of meals they’ll cook in a week and because ingredients map to a specific recipe, food actually gets cooked (and gobbled).

    Less food waste equals less money wasted.

    Our Facebook group has some pretty clutch budget-tips and a boatload of ideas for swapping out pricey ingredients.

  • We have customers from all over the world!

    Your plan will be generated using seasonal recipes for your hemisphere.

    And, you can choose metric measurements if you’d like.

  • You are welcome to send us an email on support at realplans dot com and one of our agents will be available to help you as soon as possible.

Diet FAQs

  • Can I adjust the number of servings?

    You decide how many people you want each meal to serve when you sign up. All meals will default to that serving size, but if you’re having guests over or the kiddos are at a friend’s house for dinner you can increase or decrease the number of servings as needed. The recipe, ingredients and shopping list will automatically update.

  • Yes. Allergies were one of the reasons we created Real Plans—they can throw a real wrench in everyday cooking. You can remove any food group you’re allergic to (or just don’t like) in the settings tab.

  • It does! But, if your days start out like the tornadoes that ours do, you might not be up for cooking in the morning. In that case you can just add ingredients—milk, eggs, oats, etc—to your plan and they’ll automatically be added to your shopping list. That said, lots of Real Planners find cooking batch breakfasts and freezing them in single servings is a ridiculously easy time-saver.

Shopping FAQs

  • Does the shopping list only include items in the recipes or can I add my own? What about items I need to restock regularly?

    Yes! Food and other household items can be added directly to the list.

    And, you can schedule ingredients to appear on your shopping list at regular intervals—milk weekly, bacon twice a month. You get it.

  • You can choose the day you would like to start your week in your settings. So, if your CSA box arrives on a Wednesday or you do most of your grocery shopping on Sundays, you can plan accordingly.

Recipes FAQs

  • What about meatless Mondays or a slow cooker meal every Wednesday?

    Ready to be a meal planning pro, are you? Love it. You can customize your schedule by meal size, main ingredient, prep time, tags, cuisine and origin.

  • All recipes are catalogued by season. Real Plans only picks recipes based on the season where you live—if you’re soaking up sun in Melbourne while someone else is shoveling snow in Boston, we’ve got your back.

  • Each recipe has nutritional information on the recipe card. You can read it just like any other nutritional label— calories, carbohydrates, fats, etc. in each serving.

Billing FAQs

  • How do I get a refund?

    If you are within the first 10 days and wish to be refunded, contact us via the leave a message button on the bottom right or email us support(at) The 10 day period begins on the initial date of purchase and after 10 days we cannot issue refunds. Renewal payments are non-refundable and you will have access to your account through the paid time frame.

    If you purchased on iTunes, the payment was processed by Apple and we cannot refund you directly. To directly ask for a refund from Apple, please open your iTunes receipt. Apple usually sends the receipt within one or two days. On the receipt, click on the “Report a Problem” link in the “Item” column, right next to “Write a Review.” A new window will open where you can ask for a refund directly from Apple.

  • Yes. You can manage your billing period by visiting your “My Account” page. Contact customer service if you need any additional help.

  • YES. To cancel, simply follow this link and log in to your account if not already. You will have access to your plan for the remainder of the subscription cycle. Since renewals are not refundable, we suggest you cancel your subscription 2 working days before the renewal is due in order to make sure the cancellation is processed in time.

    If you purchased from iTunes, you will need to manage your subscription through your iTunes account. See here for the latest updates from Apple on the process.

  • We are an verified merchant and process thousands of transactions per year. We use 128-bit bank level security for all communications involving financial transactions. Also, uses HTTPS for all communication. All your data is encrypted.

  • We have 3 options: monthly – $25, quarterly – $59 and annual – $144. The quarterly payment schedule works out to just under $20 per month and the annual works out to a $12 per month. We are a subscription service so we automatically charge at every billing interval. If you enjoy using Real Plans, we recommend purchasing the annual plan to maximize your savings. At $12/month – if we save you 1 trip to the store or one ingredient that does not get spoiled from being left at the back of the fridge… we feel we have done our job. Even if you purchased the monthly plan to try us out, you can always upgrade to the annual plan.

    If you already have a Real Plans subscription and wish to purchase the Low Fodmap plan, you can do so from within the recipe box and this will be the same pricing as above, less the Real Plans subscription cost.

Your low FODMAP gameplan
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All of our original kitchen tested low FODMAP recipes – 850+ and growing - are now available at Real Plans - literally at your fingertips to plug in and create the perfect week or more of low FODMAP compliant meals - plan, shop, cook and enjoy! When you purchase the FODMAP Everyday Real Plans, your meal planner automatically only schedules low FODMAP recipes. But because we know you have others to feed sometimes, you also get access to over 2000+ Real Plans recipes to use at any time.

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