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Low FODMAP tips and tricks

1. The FODMAP Everyday® recipes here at Real Plans are suitable for the Elimination Phase of the diet. Each recipe is low FODMAP diet compliant as it stands alone. Be sure to read: HOW LOW FODMAP RECIPES ARE CREATED

2. FODMAP Stacking is something to educate yourself about; it will help you understand how to choose side dishes, snacks and desserts along with your main meals. Try to space out your meals and snack with 3 to 4 hours in-between to minimize stacking. Be sure to read this article: WHAT IS FODMAP STACKING?

3. The low FODMAP diet is very much about PORTION control – something to always remember. If one of our recipes says that is makes 6 servings and you divide it into 4 servings, the recipe will no longer be low FODMAP. For another example, 10 whole almonds are a low FODMAP snack, but double that and it would be considered high FODMAP. Same thing with blueberries – ¼ cup is OK, but 1/3 cup would no longer be low FODMAP. So, a fruit salad could go from low FODMAP to high very quickly! Please read our article: WHAT IS A LOW FODMAP SERVING SIZE?

4. Everyone’s digestion is unique! Just because something is low FODMAP does not necessarily mean that it will agree with you. Statistically, most people with IBS have additional medical diagnoses as well, such as GERD or celiac disease, or intolerance to fatty foods or sugar can be a trigger. Some people have gastroparesis or IBD, diverticulitis or other issues. Our recipes are low FODMAP, but they will not necessarily work for people with additional digestive problems. This is why it is always recommended that you work with a Registered Dietitian when undertaking the low FODMAP diet.

5. Know Your Own Gut! As you pick and choose FODMAP Everyday® recipes here at Real Plans, be prudent. If you know that cheese does not agree with you, don’t make our Hearty Lasagna. If sugar is an IBS trigger for you, our Salted Caramel Banana Cake is not a wise choice. Spicy foods an issue for you? Step away from the Chicken Enchiladas. But, with hundreds of recipes available to you, we bet you will find plenty that will work for you.

6. Blended Households: FODMAPers and Non-FODMAPers: We know that many of you following the low FODMAP diet Elimination Phase might be the only one in your household doing so. And we know that making multiple meals is expensive as well as time consuming. This article is about how to feed a household, when not everyone is following the low FODMAP diet. And to reiterate, those not told by their medical team to follow the low FODMAP diet should not be eating strictly low FODMAP. You will find all the guidance you need in this article: HOW TO FEED YOUR FAMILY WHEN YOU ARE FOLLOWING THE LOW FODMAP DIET


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