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The low FODMAP diet is a life-saving game changer for many – but it requires you to pay close attention to what you shop for, cook, and eat. That’s why Real Plans and FODMAP Everyday® joined forces to bring the low FODMAP community the tool you’ve been asking for… a low FODMAP meal planner with the largest, most reliable and delicious low FODMAP recipe collection available anywhere!

We are committed to helping you THRIVE as you integrate the low FODMAP diet into your life. Join now and get all of our original kitchen-tested, compliant recipes (850+!) in the the most user-friendly meal planning tool so you can – plan, shop, cook and enjoy with ease!

—Dédé Wilson and Robin Jaffin, Co-Founders, FODMAP Everyday®

Fully adjustable meal planning.

At home or on the go from any device. Customize your plan for exactly how and what you want to eat.

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Ready to make low FODMAP meal planning as easy as pie? Low FODMAP pie that is!

When you subscribe, you can create your own plan or use one of ready-to-go meal plans. We take all the guesswork out for you.

You can customize your FODMAP Everyday® meal plans by excluding ingredients to suit your dietary requirements or taste. Real Plans will help keep you within the basic low FODMAP guidelines.

Let the system do the heavy lifting and get you off to the store in a flash. All meal plans will generate an automated shopping list. Check off items you already have in your fridge or pantry then go to the store knowing you’ll be buying exactly what you need to cook your plan.


I couldn’t have done Low FODMAP without RP. I’m always impressed by how delicious your recipes are. I can’t think of a single dud!

– Judy

  • Cooks for: 2
  • Diet: Low FODMAP

Savvy shopping

Our mobile grocery list saves you time, money & food waste by making sure you only buy what you need.

Hate shopping?
We’ve teamed up with Instacart and Amazon Fresh so you can get your groceries delivered and skip the store.

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Hate shopping?
We’ve teamed up with Instacart and Amazon Fresh so you can get your groceries delivered and skip the store.

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Delicious, compliant Low FODMAP recipes

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Ready-to-go Meal Plans

FODMAP Everyday® and Real Plans have curated a set of plans for you to cook as soon as you sign up for Real Plans. It gives a great introduction to the kind of recipes you can find for any occasion.

I can finally cook Low FODMAP at home thanks to Real Plans. It is a life saver.

– Kate

  • Cooks for: 4
  • Diet: Low FODMAP

You do you. FODMAP Everyday® and Real Plans will do the rest.

Every recipe has been lovingly developed and kitchen tested by Dédé Wilson, co-founder of FODMAP Everyday® and lifelong professional recipe developer.

Each recipe meets the low FODMAP diet requirements for the initial, most restrictive “Elimination Phase”. With our content over at FODMAP Everyday® we teach you about “FODMAP stacking” and so much more so that you make good choices when it comes to choosing recipes and side dishes – including how long you should rest your gut between meals.

No longer in the Low FODMAP Diet Elimination or Challenge Phases? Awesome! Now you get to build the skills to move on into the Integration Phase – and you can make tweaks and adjustments to your plan as you discover which foods trigger your symptoms and which foods you can eat more generously. Our meal planner adapts to all of the changes you will be making along your low FODMAP journey!

Let us make Low FODMAP easy

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