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The Whole30 promises to change your life in 30 days by resetting your health, habits, and relationship with food. Yeah, that’s a lofty goal, but 88% of people who complete the program said it actually did change their lives. Pretty good, huh? But to change your life, you need a plan. That's where Real Plans comes in.

—Melissa Urban, Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO

This life-changing stuff can be hard work.

To succeed, you’ll have to commit 100% to the program rules, secure support from friends and family, and plan everything from emergency food to how you’ll deal with stressful situations too, and most important, your daily meals. And this part isn’t easy—whether you’re new to the program or returning for another round, Whole30 meal planning is a whole ‘nother level of preparation.

*according to a 2016 survey of more than 7,600 Whole30’ers… we got 2,200 comments full of enthusiasm for the program and the results it brings!

Planning and Preparation Customized for YOU

You’ll hear us say “planning and preparation” 7,263 times during your Whole30 (if only as a voice inside your head), because it’s the key to your Whole30 success. Meal planning on the Whole30 saves you time, money, and the stress of getting home after a long day and wondering what’s for dinner. It’s fun to whip up recipes from The Whole30 or The Whole30 Cookbook and you should eat from those books a few times a week to expand your kitchen confidence and keep your taste buds excited. But it’s also fun to let someone else do the rest of your meal planning heavy lifting for you.

We walk you through all kinds of planning steps in The Whole30 book, but there, you’ll find just a 7-day meal plan. Um, WAIT. If meal planning is so important, why did we only give you a week?

Because writing up a meal plan in a book or PDF format would have been incredibly cumbersome for both of us. It’s a huge amount of work for us, an enormous amount of pages for you to read, a lot of math for you to do (wait, how many carrots do I need this week for my shopping list?), and frankly, we could never design a meal plan that worked just peachy for everyone.

You are unique, and one person’s “Spicy Tuna Cakes for Monday’s lunch—heck yeah!” is another person’s “Tuna, ugh, can’t you just give me another grilled chicken salad variation?”

Thank Bieber there’s an easier way. Welcome to Real Plans, the official home of Whole30 meal planning.

We’ve been collaborating with the Real Plans team for months to build a meal planning interface just for the Whole30 program, because we know how critical meal planning can be to your Whole30 success. And let me tell you, what the team has built for us is nothing short of EPIC.

When you subscribe, you’ll come into a special Whole30 staging area, where you’ll set up your Whole30 meal plan. You’ll choose your Whole30 start date, the length of your program (30 days is the default, but you can enter any number of days, from 1 to 180).

You can also choose how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you’ll want to plan — I’ll give you some of my best pro-tips here.

You’ll then be able to customize your Whole30 menu with any extra ingredients you may require, and leave out the stuff you don’t. No, you CANNOT do a Vegetarian Whole30 or Whole30 + wine + bread… but just don’t like mushrooms or eggplant? Add them to the list and you won’t see any recipes with those ingredients. Allergic to eggs or nuts? No problem—you can remove them from your meal plan here, too. Customize to your heart’s content… although I’m still going to encourage you to try new vegetables.

The options are endless, but you can also keep it simple and just stick with the system defaults, which I carefully designed based on a typical meal prep schedule. You’ll get enough meals to make your taste buds excited, with enough space to let you freestyle with your favorite recipe from The Whole30 Cookbook a few times a week.

There is even a spot to plan your Fast Track 10-day reintroduction, letting you see recipes that are Whole30 + your reintroduction food without any other ingredients that might throw you off. (Yes, this is absolutely incredible, and takes all the guesswork out of reintroduction! I told you the Real Plans team is good.) They’ve even plugged in my recommended reintroduction order, so you don’t even have to think about what to bring back first. (But you can totally customize this too, if all you want on Day 31 is a splash of cream in your coffee and sprinkle of cheese on your baked potato).

Finally, let the system do the heavy lifting and get you off to the store in a flash. Generate an automated shopping list based on your meals, check off items you already have in your fridge or pantry, and even add a photo of a specific ingredient, so you’ll never again forget (after reading 12 different labels) which brand of Dijon mustard is the Whole30 compliant one.

It’s Whole30 GENIUS, no math required.

1 Plan

Take back control with meal plans you can adjust based on your diet, schedule and servings.

2 Shop

Save money shopping with our organized grocery list available on your mobile app.

3 Cook

Make mealtime simple with easy to follow recipes that are family-tested and approved.

Real Plans also includes easy Instacart integration so you can get your groceries delivered and save even more time.

Delicious, totally compliant Whole30 recipes

Your Whole30 gameplan
Daily meal plans for Whole30 success

A Real Plans subscription arms you with a day-by-day plan of attack - delicious recipes, weekly shopping lists and cooking guidance - all designed just for Whole30. Available on desktop or mobile, it’s your go-to for conquering your Whole30.

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Let Real Plans Guide your Food Freedom Journey

The best part about this high-tech interface is that you can continue your healthy meal planning habits right here in Real Plans long after your Whole30 is over. Most Whole30’ers report that label-reading and meal planning are two habits they learned on the Whole30 that have stuck with them long after Day 30, and these practices will help keep you in balance when you’re back in the real world, living in food freedom.

But we’re not going to leave you high and dry.

Discovered that heavy cream, real butter, peanut butter, and white rice are NBD during your reintroduction? Bring those back into your food freedom plan by adding these ingredients to your Real Plan template. Never ever ever want to eat cheese again because it made you feel like you had an alien in your belly? You’ll never see it here, pinkie-swear—just leave that as an excluded ingredient. Want to eat hard cheese like parmesan, but not soft cheese like feta? You can get all kinds of specific in this section, to perfectly tailor YOUR meal plan to YOUR food freedom.

As you gain kitchen-confidence, you can even drop the number of meals you’re asking Real Plans to help you with, so you can freestyle from The Whole30, The Whole30 Cookbook, or your own list of favorite recipes a few nights a week, but have a little help (and add a little variety) by using Real Plans for the rest of your breakfasts, lunches, or dinners.

Once you see how quick, easy, customizable, and fun a Real Plans subscription is, you’re not going to want to live without it. (Luckily, an annual subscription costs less than one jar of Primal Kitchen’s Mayo a month, so you won’t have to).

I’m so excited to bring yet another incredible resource to my Whole30 community. The best part of my job is watching you succeed with the program, and thanks to Real Plans, you’ll now be stressing less on “what’s for dinner, again?” and focusing more on all of those non-scale victories you’re about to see rolling in.

Join us. Change your life. Discover what it’s like to live in true food freedom. Your journey is just a click away.
Best in health,