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Top Ten Whole30 Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast might look like bacon and scrambled eggs on repeat. If you’re looking jazz up your morning, run through these ten Whole30 breakfast ideas.

Top Ten Whole30 Breakfast Ideas - Real Plans

Miss your bagels and cereal? Even though Whole30 is about changing your mindset and expanding your comfort zone , without those bready staples – breakfast might look like bacon and scrambled eggs on repeat. Nothing wrong with bacon! But if you’re looking jazz up your morning with something else, run through these ten Whole30 breakfast ideas.

They’re delicious. And they may even inspire a little recipe-making magic of your own.

When coming up your own Whole30 breakfast ideas, keep in mind that sex with your pants on (SWYPO) is a slippery slope to sex with your pants off.

In other words, “legal” recreations of grain-heavy favorites will – at some point – make you want the real thing. During your Whole30, avoid paleo-fied versions of:

  • Pancakes and waffles
  • Biscuits
  • Muffins, cupcakes, and cookies
  • Cereal
  • Tortillas

Also: Whole30 is about loving your body while targeting things like a sluggish metabolism. With this in mind, it’s recommended that you eat breakfast within one hour of waking.

Velvety butternut squash

Smooth like a custard, baked in one pot like a casserole. This velvety butternut squash skips the pumpkin pie spices and goes savory with Middle Eastern tones.

Just be sure and pair your veggies with plenty of animal-based protein. Like these Greek chicken burgers.

Hardboiled lazy devils

Kind of like mini sandwiches – but on eggs filled with protein and fat-soluble vitamins. These hardboiled lazy devils can be whipped up in a thrice.

Four different toppings are suggested, but let your imagination run wild – what else would you top the eggs with?


Kedgeree is actually an old Anglo-Indian breakfast. With smoked fish, cauliflower rice, and spices, this recipe is AIP and Whole30 compliant. Any fans of historical English shows must try!

Tomato bacon quiche

Tomato bacon quiche filled with tomatoes, eggs, and a whole pound of bacon – who said Whole30 was about denying yourself?

Just make sure the bacon is of high quality, without sugar added.

Gyoza soup with pork broth

Soup for breakfast? Many cultures around the world have soup for breakfast.

Gyoza soup – with tender pork, ginger, and cabbage – is incredibly delicious. This soup is the perfect warming meal to start the day.

Prosciutto wrapped mango

Whole30 and pregnant? While prosciutto wrapped mango is lighter in protein that your typical Whole30 fare, it’s a well-balanced bite for pregnant mamas with meat aversions.

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