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Get acquainted with Real Plans Pro, our professional meal planning tool that saves you time and helps your clients succeed.

Why is Real Plans Pro better?

Real Plans encourages professionals to give access to a fully functional meal planning app. This means you are teaching clients to look after themselves. With minimal setup they receive weekly meal plans. They can adjust them all they like while still staying within the diet you set.

The platform is based on our award winning Real Plans client software. Hundreds of practitioners used Real Plans over the years and said, ‘Where is the Pro version’? We said, ‘What does that even mean?’. Real Plans Pro is the result of all that feedback from your peers.

As well as providing online meal planning, you can also produce beautifully printed meal plans. They can be branded with your logo and corporate colors and used as business assets on your website or for clients that do not want to use a computer.

The only question now is how many clients are you meal planning for at any one time?

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