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Low Carb Meal Plans

Real Plans is a low carb meal planning app that creates custom weekly menus to make planning, shopping, and cooking much easier.


Ready to give low carb meal planning a try? We have just what you need.

Easy Weekly Plans

Our low carb meal plans keep you on track while helping prevent food boredom in this lifestyle change.

Real Plans creates custom weekly meal plans using over 500 built-in low carb recipes, with the option to add 100s more from some of your favorite low carb bloggers.

Key Features

Real Plans is packed with features and extra flexible, so if your whole family isn’t eating a low carb diet we’ve still got you covered.

  • Personalized meal plans
  • Over 1,600 original recipes
  • Automatic shopping List
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Nutritional data
  • Optional macro tracker
  • Much much more!

Low Carb Recipes

With over 500 low carb recipes, Real Plans is the never-boring way to keep things fresh with your low carb diet all year round. We focus on protein-rich foods that are high in healthy, unprocessed fats. We also avoid starchy foods and added sugar while including plenty of bright, non-starchy vegetables.

More Recipes

Low Carb Recipe Contributors

Add even more low carb recipes to Real Plans with add-ons from your favorite bloggers and foodies.

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Low Carb Tips & Advice

Take your low carb diet, and low carb meal planning, to the next level with our helpful tips & advice.

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