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Real Plans is a web and app-based keto meal planner that can automatically create your weekly meal plan, remind you when it’s time to prep, and even keep track of what you need to shop for and where.

Though we don’t offer a free trial of our app, we DO have a FREE printable keto meal plan that we’ll send straight to your inbox for a full month to help you get to know us better.

Each week, we’ll email you everything you need to plan a delicious week of keto meals, along with some great tips and advice to meal plan even smarter.

  • Our printable plan doesn’t have all of Real Plans amazing features like adjusting for family size and food restrictions, but hooray, it’s FREE!

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What you get

Our free keto meal plan includes four weeks of printable PDFs to help you shop, prep, and cook an entire month of delicious meals with ease.

Each week all month long you’ll get:

  • A full-week meal plan with recipes for 5 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 5 dinners with an entrée and side
  • A day-by-day timeline letting you know exactly what to do throughout the day to stay on track
  • A printable shopping list with exact measurements organized just like your local grocery store
  • Detailed recipe cards for each recipe with ingredients and step-by-step instructions

The printable plan is designed for two “weekend” recipes, but you’re totally free to rearrange things to suit your schedule (just like you can with our full-featured keto meal planning app).

Why meal plan?

If you love that feeling of knowing exactly what’s for dinner, all week long, meal planning will be a welcome addition to your life.

Meal planning helps you figure out what to eat and makes you a smarter shopper, saving you time and helping you keep your diet on track.

And, when you let Real Plans do the planning for you, you’ll have even more extra minutes of glorious “me time” every day to do something special, or nothing at all 🙂

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