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9 Simple Sourdough Recipes For Beginners

Making sourdough bread can seem intimidating; this list of sourdough recipes starts with the easiest to ensure success, ending with sourdough bread

9 Simple Sourdough Recipes For Beginners - Real Plans

Making sourdough is like creating magic in your kitchen — mix together flour and water, give it a bit of time, and suddenly the slurry is alive. And it makes food that tastes amazing.

To make sourdough, you need a sourdough starter. It’s filled with probiotics. Like yeast that will make gas to leaven the dough. And bacteria that contribute to that tangy, sour flavor.

If you haven’t tried making sourdough recipes before, it can feel intimidating; even more so if you’ve tried and failed. Don’t give up! The benefits to making sourdough are many (see below), including breaking down the gluten protein, keeping you full for longer, and stabilizing your blood sugar.

While you may gravitate toward bread for your first project with sourdough, it’s not the easiest. Instead, try some other recipes that don’t rely solely on sourdough for a great tasting result. The recipes below are listed in order of difficulty — start with the first recipe to learn how to make a sourdough starter.

After a while you’ll have magic happening in your kitchen and it will seem so easy.

7 reasons sourdough is healthier

Making sourdough bread has a bit of a learning curve. Knowing why you’re doing it in the first place helps keep the motivation up. Here are seven reasons why sourdough recipes are healthier than regular flour recipes, from the action that the yeast and bacteria take on flour to how it affects your body. Did you know sourdough bread keeps you full longer?

Find out the 7 reasons sourdough bread is healthier here .

How to make a sourdough starter

What can seem like wizardry is actually pretty simple. Mix flour and water, let it sit, and voila, a bubbly mixture that makes bread rise. Oh, how long? How much? How often? All those questions are answered in this tutorial on how to make and keep a sourdough starter going.

Find out how to make a sourdough starter here.

Recipes using your sourdough starter

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