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Classic Healthy Meal Plan Testimonials

See what people are saying about classic healthy meal planning with Real Plans.

Recipes Testimonials

Thumbs up for these great recipes!

3 for 3 this week! I think the chicken burritos were my favorite but I thoroughly enjoyed the chopped chicken Asian salad! This is great! Even my husband gave the thumbs up for repeats.

Brie, MI

The meals are so delicious!

I also want to say that I am loving this meal plan program so far and the meals are so delicious, it’s been far too long since I’ve eaten food that is this good for me and tastes this amazing.

Christina, ME

I could not be happier!

Last weeks classic healthy meal plans included mustard crusted halibut, chicken with asparagus stir fry and sweet pea soup… a busy new mom could not be happier! Thank you!

Emily, WA

Everyone loved dinner tonight!

New to Real Plans. I made the Roasted Dijon Chicken tonight and everyone loved it.

Karen, NH

Simple and delicious meals

We tried the Baked Halibut with Garlic Butter sauce this evening. Simple and delicious once again. Leagues better than cardboard fish sticks from the grocery store that I grew up eating.

Paula, Canada

Tortilla soup is our fave

Our favourite at the moment is the tortilla soup. So delicious and keeps us full for ages.

Reesa, Australia

So much for leftovers – it was that good!

Harissa chicken…gone in 60 seconds. All three of my kids were fighting over the last bite. So much for leftovers!

Sarah, WA

Time Saving Testimonials

I love having help planning my meals!

I work, homeschool, and cook all meals from scratch to facilitate some dietary restrictions and I love having some help in the planning department.

Tina, GA

I won’t do without it!

This inexpensive tool saves me hours of time! I won’t do without it!

Leslie, MI

This is such a time saver!

You have saved me a great deal of time and stress.

Cory, TX

This is a love letter…

Basically, this is a love letter. I always want to eat well, but eating real foods requires a certain amount of work and organization, and I am not known for my organization.

Diane, WI

We spend so much less time on planning & preparing real food now

Real food is at the top of our priority list but thanks to you, we can spend less time planning, shopping and preparing it!

Eric, Seattle

Functionality Testimonials

I LOVE that I can choose my season!

I love that you do Metric measurements… I’m also really impressed with the seasonal option. It’s winter here in Aus so we are happy to have some great soul food using all those winter veggies!

Jessica, Adelaide, Australia

Allergies Testimonials

Meal planning around allergies is one mean feat

Accommodating someone who cooks vegetarian for one, meat for three, allergy-friendly for three, heart-healthy for one, and autoimmune-friendly for one is a feat, but I think you guys have done it!

Shannon, TN

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