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The Real Food Dietitians
Real Plans partners with the Real Food Dietitians

Real Plans is designed to help you cook our recipes. It's not a meal delivery service, but a way to inspire you to create in your own kitchen. It's the meal planning system we’ve always dreamed of creating for our readers and clients. It has over 500 of our recipes and we can't wait for you try it out.

—Jess & Stacie & Jessie, The Real Food Dietitians

Fully adjustable meal planning.

At home or on the go from any device. Customize your plan for exactly how and what you want to eat.

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Why meal plan?

Most of us rotate 10-15 recipes based on what we already know to cook. We go to the grocery store, buy ingredients that are familiar to us and we enter into an eternal culinary hamster wheel. It’s a shortcut that works well until you find yourself in an uninspired cooking rut. Or worse, cooking becomes a chore and you find alternatives: take out, snacking…

Real Plans puts all of our recipes in front of you. You can easily search to find the perfect dinner for you and your household. The mobile grocery list gives you peace of mind by making sure you only purchase what you need.

I couldn’t have done meal planning without RP! The food has been soooo good, easy to prep and cook. Real Plans is my new best friend.


Delicious, real food recipes

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10 day money back guarantee.
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10 day money back guarantee.
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Dietary Restrictions

No matter how you eat, Real Plans has recipes for you. You can pick your diet (gluten-free, dairy-free etc.) and then add your exclusions to account for taste. Asparagus not your thing? Exclude it! See how it works with this short video!

Curated Meal Plans

We have worked with the Real Plans team to curate a number of meal plans out-of-the-box that will be waiting for you when you sign up. From Batch Cooking to Quick Dinner to Picky Eaters, we have you covered. Each meal plan comes with a collection of our recipes and the grocery list. You can make changes to any meal plan and it will adjust accordingly.

My family now thinks I am a culinary genius. They always fight over the last bite. Thank you for making me a hero in my own home.

– Maggie

  • Cooks for: 3
  • Diet: Gluten-Free
  • Excludes Mushrooms

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