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10 Paleo Freezable Meals For New Moms

In order to care for your little cave baby, you need to eat. A stack of freezable meals gives you a little more time to snuggle up with your newborn.

10 Paleo Freezable Meals For New Moms - Real Plans

With a new baby in arms, the last thing you want to do or can do is cook. But in order to have energy, produce breast milk, and care for your little cave baby you need to eat. Having a stack of freezable meals ready to go makes life easier, especially when there are other littles to feed.

If you have an expecting or new mom in your life, give the gift of a freezable meal. What you’re really giving her is time, peace of mind, and the mojo she needs to stick with a paleo diet that helps her feel awesome.

And if you are nesting to get ready for a new one, congratulations. Getting these meals into the freezer now means that you’ll have a little more time to snuggle up with your newborn.


Emily Montes

About Emily Montes

Emily Montes is the co-founder of She's also an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, a published author, and a mom of two. Emily loves making meal planning easier and inspiring families to share more meals around the table.

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