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Best Thanksgiving Recipes Roundup

Best thanksgiving recipes for your family

Best Thanksgiving Recipes Roundup - Real Plans

Sure, Thanksgiving is decadent. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be filled with overly processed, synthetic foods. Maybe it’s because I’m a total foodie – in love with taste as much as quality – but I find that best Thanksgiving recipes are those that require some time in the kitchen with well-sourced ingredients.

Even though you’re bound to run into plenty of Thanksgiving fanfare over the next week, here are my favorite hardcore foodie recipes for the season. If you happen to swing by my place on the big day, you’ll find all these dishes (more or less) ready to go. I guarantee that I will have meal-planned myself a little slice of time…so that I’m not in the kitchen the whole day. And I’m able to spend it with those I love most.

Classic mashed potatoes

Pass the butter and cream, please. Er – I mean mashed potatoes. With equal parts butter and cream to potatoes, I have to try really hard to not run away with the whole bowl. They are literally perfect. Just be sure to salt your cooking water.

Cornbread sausage stuffing

Do you live for stuffing on Thanksgiving? If the thought of a savory, meaty bread pudding makes your toes tingle – try this cornbread sausage stuffing. With a touch of sage and parsley layered on top of sweet cornbread drenched in bacon drippings and chicken stock, you might not have any leftovers.

Autumn fruit salad

Something fresh. Something light. Something sweet. Thanksgiving dessert doesn’t have to be all pie and cookies. Give autumn fruit salad a place on your table. Even though this treat is loaded with healthy things like fiber and antioxidants, all anyone will know is that its spiced sweetness with a hint of lemon lights up the palate after a rich holiday meal.

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