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How To Make A Paleo Lunch Your Kid Will Love

A paleo lunch can be weird. No spongy white bread with crust cut off. No orange fish crackers. And just maybe, no cookies. 

How To Make A Paleo Lunch Your Kid Will Love - Real Plans

A kid-friendly Paleo lunch from Real Plans.

Whether your kids follow Whole30 , eat primal with a little dairy thrown in the mix, or are more of the AIP persuasion and avoid nightshades like ketchup and potatoes – a paleo lunch can be weird. No spongy white bread. No orange fish crackers. And just maybe, no cookies.

You can make a paleo lunch less weird by making it more fun. Below you’ll find my top tips for putting together a paleo lunch your kid will love.

#1 – Get them involved

An oldie but a goodie that just speaks so much truth: Get them involved. Shop together. Cook together. Prepare meals together. And even wash dishes together.

The more involved your little (and not-so-little) ones participate in the activities around food, the more they will eat it and love it.

For a toddler just beginning to spend time in the kitchen, set her up with a crinkle cutter and soft fruit. As your kid gets older, give her a child-safe knife.

#2 – Bento like you mean it

Bento boxes are fun for kids – look, no food touching! – and fun for you too. I mean, when is the last time you made a bunny out of fruit or a flower out of hotdogs?

Exactly. Bento like you mean it, and you might get lost in the creative urge to perfect your kid’s lunch. Maybe you’ll snap pictures for Instagram or lay in bed at night, planning the next the box.

And if animal-shaped food doesn’t quite do it for you?

No sweat. Your kid will still benefit from the color and organization of bento. Simply pack the rainbow into your kid’s lunch box.

Fruit and veggies that display a range of color – from red to purple – will make lunch fun and keep your little one well nourished. For example, red cherry tomatoes or orange sweet bell pepper slices. Yellow and purple carrots. Green cubes of avocado. Blueberries. And baked purple potato.

In order to make a proper bento, you will need a partitioned container and possibly a few accessories :

LunchBots and PlanetBox – Two different stainless steel bento boxes worthy as a canvas and of your kid’s paleo eats.

LunchBots insulated storage – Perfect for slow cooker soups and Instant Pot stews, your kids will feel totally normal drinking bone broth out of this little 8 ounce thermal. 

Leakproof condiment containers – Who doesn’t love dipping? Especially when it involves a paleo, Whole30-approved, real food ketchup. Like this one.

Kid-friendly stainless steel fork and spoon – Most of your kid’s paleo lunch will probably consist of things that she can pick up and eat with her hands. But at times, a fork and spoon may come in handy. If you suspect that the set of utensils you send off to school will get lost, pack these wooden reusable forks and spoons.

Safe silicone squeeze bottle – Totally dishwasher safe and with a no-spill insert. Whether packing smoothies or water, kids love these collapsible silicone squeeze bottles.

#3 – Accessorize

In addition to the above, you may find that fun shapes and skewers can even convince your picky eater to take a bite.

Silicone muffin cups – Brightly colored and durable, these reusable muffin cups keep juicy bits of fruit away from dryer portions of your kid’s paleo lunch.

Vegetable cutters – Vegetable cutters look like cookie cutters, only they feel a bit more hardy so that they can punch through dense veggies. Use these vegetable cutters to transform your kid’s food into stars, hearts, and teddy bears.

Bamboo skewers – Most kids love eating food off a stick. Make them extra safe by using a pair of kitchen shears to cut off the pointy ends before placing in your bento box.


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