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Why Add Dr. Mark Hyman?

Dr. Hyman has dedicated his life to healing chronic disease through diet and lifestyle. People are reporting amazing results – clearer skin, improved digestion, memory and mood, weight-loss, and increased energy. And all of this without feeling deprivation.


At the beginning of his career in medicine, Dr. Mark Hyman handled the endless work hours and life pressures with sugar, caffeine, and adrenaline. But one day his adrenaline ran out. Suddenly faced with chronic fatigue syndrome, he was forced to re-examine the way he treated his body.
“I didn’t choose to change my life – my body chose for me.”
Dr. Hyman didn’t find a magic pill that cured his chronic fatigue. He healed himself by removing the negative and adding much more of the positive.
He knew that what we eat, how much we rest, how much we exercise, and how we spend our time are directly connected to how we feel every day.
Dr Hyman devoted the next 20 years of his life to discovering what keeps people from finding their own vitality. What do we do that keeps us from being well and what can we do to help ourselves?
He is dedicated to finding the causes of chronic disease and using functional medicine to transform our healthcare system.
Today, Dr. Hyman is a practicing physician, a ten-time #1 New York Times best selling author, and a well-known advocate for empowering individuals to heal themselves with functional medicine.
He is also his own patient. He balances his extreme professional life with a full and satisfying home and social life, a healthy diet, consistent exercise, a good dose of the outdoors, and a very limited amount of caffeine and sugar.
Most recently, Dr. Hyman has been promoting his new pegan diet plan. The word pegan comes from combining paleo and vegan principles to create a new plan that can work for most people for their lifetime.
The pegan diet is similar to Dr. Hyman’s life plan – remove the bad and add more of the good. This vegetable heavy diet does not have extreme restrictions. You can still eat meat, even grains and legumes – just a different balance.
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