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Whole30 Review: Does It Work?

Is it worth it? In our Whole30 review, we talk about what makes Whole30 so lovable for a variety of folks. And we share why it worked for us.

Whole30 Review: Does It Work? - Real Plans

Maybe you’ve read through the Whole30 rules and you have a pretty good idea about  10 Tips To Rocking Your Whole30 Meal Plan You’ve reached the point where you’re about to give up every bit of sugary, packaged, and crave-worthy morsel for thirty days.

But is it worth it?

In this Whole30 review, we talk about what makes Whole30 so lovable for a variety of folks. Why it’s hard. And why it works.

Whole30 is not a diet

Whole30 is a self-proclaimed thirty-day food experiment. It isn’t a traditional diet. This is a good thing. After all, nothing makes a person want to binge more than a “diet.”

Whole30 is simple: It is a lifestyle change for thirty days. During Whole30, it’s your job to eat food the way nature packaged it.

Instead of seeing a long list of limitations – switched out old favorites with real, whole food alternatives. See? Not a diet. With plenty of options, you won’t feel restricted, starving, or deprived in any way.

Whole30 is a complete program

Whole30 is packed with rules and food lists. But it doesn’t end there. Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, creators of the Whole30 program, tell you exactly what to expect and how to be successful.

What really resonates with most folks is their tough love statement,

“It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard. You won’t get any coddling, and you won’t get any sympathy for your ‘struggles’.”

Commit to not only adopting the food philosophy, but also the mental one. No judgment. No mistake constitutes failure. Just do the hard work.

Whole30 gives a dab of cleansing

Whole30 works for people with a wide range of digestive troubles. This is because whole, unprocessed food means more natural fiber and more fluids.

That said, Whole30 might make you – ahem, a bit more regular. That’s a good thing.

Whole30 puts out the fire

Many of the foods on the “avoid” list are known for their shenanigans in the digestive tract. They’re common irritants that stir up heartburn, diarrhea, and gas.

Thirty days without these troublemakers will have you inflammatory-free in no time.

Whole30 shows you how good you can feel

Ever wonder if food causes your headaches, brain fog, or stomach discomfort? Whole30 is your chance to see how good you can feel by simply eating real food.

It can be hard to identify the cause of a physical complaint. You might miss the relationship between pain and food. With Whole30, you’ll get a sense of which foods make you feel awesome.

Whole30 kills the cravings

It might be difficult to imagine that you would ever lose your love for sweets. But – magically – Whole30 can get rid of cravings.

It isn’t easy, but sticking to the Whole30 program gives you time to see how good you feel when eating real, whole foods.

Your taste buds might also change. After thirty days of no added sugar – even the natural stuff – going back to refined sweets can be an eye-opening experience that might involve a surge of energy and tough mood swings.

Whole30 works in social settings

If you’ve attempted other diets, you know that restricted eating and socializing are generally incompatible. But you’ll be able to find Whole30 approved foods in about every social setting.

At first glance, Whole30 seems restrictive. But it actually isn’t.

With a few adjustments, it’s easy to comply with Whole30: Grilled protein and steamed vegetables (that I season myself at the table), olive oil, and citrus wedges of any kind? Yes, please!

Whole30 review verdict: balance and simplicity

With unprocessed food on the menu, there is no need to count calories or pull out the scale. By simply sticking to the Whole30 program, you can get the results you want.

That can even mean a better relationship with the food that you eat. And a little more satisfaction with the natural sweetness in food.

Have you ever calculated how many processed snacks, desserts, and treats you eat on a monthly basis? While you might convince yourself that I enjoy a little sugar here and there, in reality, sugar is in almost every processed food.

By wiping out all sugar and processed foods, you can hit the reset button.

At the end of Whole30, many folks find clarity on how much sugar they actually eat on a daily basis. And you know what they say about information – it’s power.



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