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One-Day Whole30 Meal Plan

This Whole30 meal plan doesn’t cover all thirty days. It doesn’t even cover a week. What it does is give you an idea of what Whole30 looks like for a day.

One-Day Whole30 Meal Plan - Real Plans

This Whole30 meal plan doesn’t cover all thirty days. It doesn’t even cover a week. What it does do is give you an idea of what Whole30 looks like for a day. For most folks, that’s three meals – because there are no snacks on Whole30. And dessert is sex with your pants on.

For those of you who work long days, eat an extra meal instead of snacking. Snacking disrupts your hormonal balance. As a general rule, you want to keep your meals three to four hours apart.

To download a printable one-day Whole30 meal plan, click here.

Breakfast: Chicken and bacon with kale

Leftovers are quick. And breakfast is the perfect time to use them. With three ingredients – and one of them bacon – you really can’t go wrong with this chicken and bacon hash. If you’re looking for more breakfast inspiration, check out our top ten Whole30 breakfasts for ideas.

Click here for the chicken and bacon with kale recipe.

Lunch: Philly steak lettuce cups

A quick, fresh, and meaty little bite. Whether you’re at home or in the office, these Philly steak lettuce cups are a snap to make and travel well. But don’t let their simplicity fool you – caramelized onion and cremini mushrooms pack a powerful umami-filled punch. If you’re wondering how you’re going to get perfectly thin cuts of meat, the secret is to freeze your meat before slicing it.

Click here for the Philly steak lettuce cups recipe.

Lunch: Savory winter salad

Feeling like you need an extra boost fiber with your Philly steak lettuce cups? Make it a meal with this savory winter salad. Bites of roasted butternut squash and beets on top of a bed of greens, this salad is just the right mix of earthy and fresh.

Click here for the savory winter salad recipe.

Post-workout: Loaded sweet potatoes

If you want to eat these loaded sweet potatoes after working out, the trick is to have a stash of baked sweet potatoes in the fridge, ready to go. Ideally, you will be able to whip these up within thirty minutes of finishing some high-intensity training.

Remember, your post-workout meal is a bonus – not a meal replacement. If you end your day at the gym, it doesn’t count as dinner. And if you workout in the morning, be sure to keep your PWO meal and breakfast three to four hours apart.

Click here for the loaded sweet potatoes recipe.

Dinner: Classic pot roast with root veggies

This recipe calls for chuck roast, which comes from the shoulder of a steer. As you might imagine, the shoulders do a lot of heavy lifting and they’re full of connective tissue. For you, this translates into FLAVOR.

Low and slow cooking breaks down this tough cut, helping the meat to soften and release all its glorious juices. The surrounding sweet potatoes and carrots soak it all up. The best part about classic pot roast? Chances are you’ll have leftovers for breakfast and lunch.

Click here for the classic pot roast with root veggies recipe.

Click here for a printable Whole30 meal plan.


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