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3 Strange And Delicious Things To Make With Sweet Potatoes

Break out of the ordinary with these delicious paleo recipes using sweet potatoes in new ways, from dinner to dessert to dinner party.

3 Strange And Delicious Things To Make With Sweet Potatoes - Real Plans

Sweet potato is the darling of many food tribes – gluten free, paleo, vegan, AIP, and Whole30 aficionados. One starchy vegetable can just do so much. And if you’re handy with a spiralizer? Really, just try stopping the super powers of a sweet potato.

When shopping, you’ll find two kinds of sweet potatoes – moist and dry. Moist sweet potatoes tend to be the orange-fleshed variety, sometimes called yams. They are sweeter, have a higher water content, and cook up creamy. On the other hand, dry sweet potatoes like the white or purple-fleshed potato are starchier and drier. They cook up fluffy and they’re better suited for recipes that use sweet potato as a binder.

When doing dazzling things in your kitchen with orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, be sure to invite fat to the party. Fat helps your body use carotenoids like beta-carotene, which gets turned into vitamin A.

As an homage to the sweet potato and a good reminder to myself, here are three strange and delicious things you can do you with the tubers hanging out in a wine box next to your fridge. Note: Never, ever store sweet potatoes inside the fridge – refrigeration will change how they taste. Room temp and away from light is just right.

Spicy Tuna Cakes

Tuna and sweet potatoes…sounds crazy? As one of the most popular recipes in the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook, tuna and sweet potato must taste delicious. A little cilantro, optional spicy pepper, and a couple eggs to keep it together. Spicy tuna cakes with sweet potatoes are easy to add to your dinner plate or grab and eat on-the-go.


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