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Why add Tasty Yummies?

If you have health goals that seem just a little bit out of reach, check out Tasty Yummies recipes. Gluten free often paleo, these recipes are all full of nutrient-dense goodness. Perfect for your health journey, no matter where it takes you.


Beth Manos Brickey, founder of, is a big believer in an individual approach to nutrition. She encourages intuitive eating, and knows that what works for her will likely not work for someone else.

Her blog is not a one size fits all approach to wellness either. Although her recipes are all gluten free, and most are paleo, they don’t all fit neatly into any one restrictive diet. She shares basic kitchen how-to’s, nutrition information, wellness tips, and, of course, recipes.

Many of her recipes are inspired by her Greek heritage, the smells and tastes of her grandmother’s kitchen. Beth actually cried when she created Paleo Baklava Shortbread Cookie Bars, as it had been so many years since she could eat that taste of her childhood. It’s not all dessert, though, with savory meals like Greek Lamb Gyro Bowls with Tzatziki and Lightened-Up Moussaka.

There are weekday dinners, like a paleo version of Chicken Ruby Murray (cockney slang for curry), quick smoothies like Fresh Fig and Banana Smoothie, and Paleo/Vegan Black Forest Tartlets.

Beth understands what it means to be on a health journey. She has been through the tests, elimination diets, and the protocols. She has been 100% gluten free since 2005 and has had her own share of successes and disappointments on her journey to wellness. 

Beth started Tasty Yummies in 2010 to help people quit the fad diets and find happiness and wellness in meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune form of kidney disease, she found some relief from cutting out gluten, but it wasn’t enough. She decided to stop her stomach aches, chronic acne, and constant migraines. She wanted to feel good in her body, and she knew by then that a fad diet was not the answer.

Beth was ready for a lifestyle change. She started finding out where her food came from, cutting out processed foods, and investing in sustainable meats. She started eating to nourish her body, heal her gut from bacterial overgrowth, and treat a parasite. She freed herself from other people’s rules, and learned how to listen to her body and understand what she needed to look and feel beautiful.

Beth became a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a yoga instructor to improve her knowledge base and to help others with their real food journey.

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