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Free Keto Meal Plans

Starting keto? We got you with a FREE 4 week PDF keto meal plan


Real Plans is a web and app-based low carb meal planner that can automatically create your weekly meal plan, remind you when it’s time to prep, and even keep track of what you need to shop for and where.

What you get

Starting keto can be overwhelming but with a plan, you will be rocking it in no time. With your free 4 week keto PDF meal plan, you’ll see just a tiny fraction of what our meal planning software can help you accomplish. So while this plan doesn’t have all those cool features, you’ll be able to try our recipes and see just how cool the grocery list can really be.

With a paid plan, our meal plans are fully customizable. You put in your family size, dietary restrictions, what you like, what you don’t and how often you want to cook. Then the magic happens. We create a meal plan perfectly suited to you. If you don’t like something, you can change it.

We remind you when it’s time to prep.

We give you a grocery list, organized by the aisles in the stores. You can even skip the store all together and order directly through Instacart. Delivery, FTW.

Why meal plan?

If you love that feeling of knowing exactly what’s for dinner, all week long, meal planning will be a welcome addition to your life. Plus, it’s a great way to try new dishes while starting a new lifestyle of eating.

When you let Real Plans do the planning for you, you’ll have even more extra minutes of glorious “me time” every day to do something special, or nothing at all.