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About Antony Bartlett

Antony Bartlett is the co-founder of CEO of, an online meal planning software and community that has helped tens of thousands of families to get organized to consistently eat healthy, home-cooked meals.

Antony Bartlett with a Dinosaur
  1. Always been fascinated with computers and how you can teach them to do things that improve our lives.
  2. Born in Epsom, England. When I was 2 months old the entire internet looked like this.
  3. Aged 12, received a ZX Spectrum 48k+ for Christmas. Instantly started coding in Basic.
  4. Aged 21, graduated from Leeds University in England with a BA in computer science and signed up for my first email address.
  5. Aged 23, bought first phone, a Nokia 8110 – the banana phone. Was very proud of it.
  6. Aged 24, was featured in the London Financial Times for inventing a type of technical documentation, distributed on a CD, with a clickable map of the Arlanda train in Stockholm for preventative maintenance schedules. It saved the company an estimated $3m USD in costs over 3 years.
  7. Aged 24, starting super complicated building database applications in Microsoft Access 97, from payroll systems to documentation tracking software.
  8. Aged 30, moved to the US and starting working for SAP, consulting for multiple corporations to building out their ERP systems. The combination of coding experience and ability to talk to customers about what they REALLY needed led to a successful career. Started every job by showing this cartoon.
  9. Aged 31, married Emily and supported her acupuncture business by building
  10. Aged 33, we starting cooking from ‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon. It informs our family food choices for the next decade. With a change in diet the whole family starts to feel super healthy.
  11. Aged 40, start working with Emily to code, in a garage in Southern California. A total cliché. She was publishing flat PDF versions and customers want to have plans written specifically for them. The plan was to build an online version that allowed subscribers to specify exactly how many meals they wanted to cook each week, their exact diet and still publish convincing, coherent meal plans. I taught a computer to do what Emily was doing, but with a meal planning algorithm. Emily produced all the content (recipes and meal planning logic) and I taught the machine to get better and better at it.
  12. Aged 45, Real Plans ranked 91st fastest growing business in the US, 21st in California. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to teach a computer how to ‘do a thing’ that has inspired so many people to eat better food.

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