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Vegetarian Meal Plans

Vegetarian Meal Plans - Real Plans
Real food vegetarians know that tofu dogs and seitan burgers are not gonna cut it.
Our vegetarian meal plans are packed with properly prepared, nutrient-dense dishes for complete nourishment and satisfaction.

Dinners range from fresh and hearty salads to bubbling comfort foods, centered around seasonal produce and include tempeh, properly prepared grains, legumes, and plenty of cultured foods. We also have a variety of vegetarian breakfasts and snacks to keep things interesting.

Avoiding gluten? The veggie menus include delicious gluten-free alternatives.

What if your whole family isn’t vegetarian?

No problem, you simply set your diet as vegetarian, but then you can access ALL of the other Real Plans recipes at any time without changing your plan. In addition to 500+ vegetarian recipes, we have over 1000 other recipes to choose from.

As a subscriber, you can refine your settings and exclude certain food groups or ingredients until your plan is perfect for you. Real Plans will listen you your choices and create a meal plan full of food that you can (and want!) to eat.

Want to add more recipes from your favorite vegetarian bloggers?

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Gorgeous plant-based dishes that will bring health and comfort to your kitchen. Includes eggs and dairy.
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Celebrating whole foods with over 300 vegetarian recipes.
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Over 250 real food recipes that are gluten-free, unprocessed, clean, fresh, whole, nutrient dense & seasonal.
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More vegetarian contributors coming soon! Let us know who you want to see next!

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