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How to Use the Shopping List

View the Shopping List

To view the the Shopping list fromany Real Plans web page:

  • ClickPlannerin the upper left corner
  • Click the drop down arrow on the right side of the screen and selectView Shopping List

Check off items that you have purchased

  • The date of the week you are viewing is shown at the top of the Shopping List so you can be sure you are on the correct week
  • Click the circle next to the item to indicate that you have that item
  • When the Shopping List refreshes, that ingredient will be removed from the Shopping List
  • To refresh the Shopping List manually, click the arrows at the top of the screen next to the Grocery List link
  • To learn how to modify an ingredient, click here


Add an ingredient back to the list that was checked off

When you check off an ingredient, that ingredient is moved to the Got It list the next time the Shopping List syncs

  • If you checked off an ingredient but need to add it back to the Shopping List, click on the refresh icon on the Shopping List
  • Then click on Got It
  • Click the circle next to the item to add it back to the Shopping List


If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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