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How to Change Your Password in the App

This article guides users on how to change or reset their password using the mobile app.

This article guides users on how to change or reset their password using themobileapp. If you are using thewebsite, please clickhere.

How to change your password when you are using the app

  • Click thegear icon(this is where you access your settings)
  • Click onProfile
  • Click onPasswordto change your password
  • Enter yourCurrent Password
  • Enter aNew Passwordthat consists of at least 7 characters
  • Re-enter your new password in theConfirm New Passwordbox
  • ClickUpdate password


How to reset your password through the app if you have forgotten it

  • Open theapp
  • Click Forgot password?
  • Enter your email address
  • Click Reset password
  • An email will be sent to the email address with a code you will need in order to create a new password
    • This may take up to 5-10 minutes depending our your email provider
  • Enter the passcodethat is provided in the email
  • Click Next
  • Enter your new password
  • Enter your new password again to confirm it
  • Click Update password
  • Use the newly created password to log in


If you don’t see an email from us, please be sure to check your junk mail and also add us to your safe senders list.

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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