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Choosing Your Diet Type and Dietary Exclusions

Excluding food groups and ingredients on our new mobile app is easier than ever!

To begin, simply click on the Real Plans logo bar at the bottom of the app and navigate to My Settings.Then go to My Meal Plan at the bottom right of the screen. (Whole 30 subscribers will click on whole30 reset.)


Select your Diet Type – We have numerous pre-programmed diet types that you are able to follow and further customize. For a brief description of each diet type, pleaseclick whole30 reset.

Begin by clicking on Meal Plan. From the drop-down menu provided, select the diet type you would like your meal planner to follow. Once finished, click Done in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Set up your Dietary Exclusions – Our Meal Planner will let you specify any food group or individual ingredient that you’d rather avoid. Once excluded, they won’t show up again in your Meal Planner (unless you add them back in at another time).

Begin by clicking on Food Groups. You will see two columns – on the left, you will see food groups that are included in your meal planner, and on the right, food groups that are excluded. Simply click on a food group to move it to the opposite column. When finished, be sure to click on Done in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Next, we’ll look at excluding individual ingredients. To get started, click on Exclude Ingredients. This page will only show ingredients that you have already excluded. To re-include an ingredient, simply click on the ingredient name to move it to the Include column.

To exclude a new ingredient, type the ingredient name into the search field and hit Search. Select all of the matching ingredients that you’d like to exclude, and click Next. You will now see those ingredients in your Exclude column.


When you are finished, be sure to click Settingsin the upper lefthand corner of your screen.

After all of your changes are in place, click Apply My Changes (Create my Whole30 for Whole30 subscribers).

**Please keep in mind that applying these changes will repopulate your meal planner.**


Lastly, choose whether to update your entire Meal Plan or to keep your current week as-is and update only your future plans. Keeping your current week is great if you’ve already done your grocery shopping or spent time creating your perfect week!


Making changes to your chosen Diet Type or food exclusions on our website? Go whole30 reset to see the full tutorial.

If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please pop into chat with us, or send us an email at support at realplans dot com.

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