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How to Add a Recipe to Your Meal Planner

Our Meal Planner automatically selects recipes according to your settings, but we know sometimes you want to add a recipe to the plan yourself.

If you are using theapp, you will follow the steps below.If you are using thewebsite, clickhere.

Add a recipe to your meal planner

  • Open yourMeal Planner
  • Scroll to the day where you want to add a recipe
  • Click the down arrow located to the right of the day
  • Select the meal to which you would like to add a recipe
  • Click Add new recipe
  • Select a recipe you would like to add using one of the following methods, and then click the + on the recipe image to add it
    • Browse recipes by scrolling through the suggestions
    • Click Find recipe if you want to search by recipe name or other search term
    • In the Find recipe box, you can also search by filters by clicking on the filter icon in the right side of the box and selecting the applicable filters. Select See recipes at the bottom once you have set all of the filters

Pro tip:To add the recipe to your plan, click on the + in the recipe image. To view the recipe ingredients and instructions, click on the name of the recipe.

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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