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Where to Find Specialty Ingredients on Your Shopping List

If you are starting a new diet type or are new to cooking from scratch, you may not know where to find things like sprouted flour or ghee.

With more and more people showing an interest in healthy foods, it is getting easier than ever to find organic produce, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught seafood in grocery stores. Specialty ingredients can usually be found in health food stores or online at places like Amazon or Vitacost.

Our Resources Page can help you find what you need to get healthy meals on the table. We have even included links to take you directly to the product page, when available, so you can immediately get what you need for your upcoming meals.


To make it even easier for you, there is a camera icon next to each ingredient in your Shopping List, so you can see a picture of any unfamiliar items to help you find what you are looking for. We have also added a shopping cart icon next to many Shopping List ingredients that will take you to where you can purchase that ingredient online.


If you prefer to get most of the items on your Shopping List without having to leave the comfort of your own home, you will love our partnership with Instacart! Just click on “Shop on Instacart” to have your Shopping List items delivered to your door!Screen_Shot_2018-12-31_at_7.21.12_PM.png

If you stumble upon an unfamiliar ingredient or just need more help, you can always click on Chat with Specialist, and someone will be happy to help you right away!

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