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Manage Your Shops and Ingredients

When you first signed up with Real Plans, you chose a favorite shop where you do most of your shopping.

If that shop has changed, or if do your shopping at more than one place, you can manage your shops right from the Shopping List. You can even add online shops and your local farmer’s market!

Manage Your Shops

From your Meal Planner, select “Shopping List”. Click on “Actions” in the upper right corner, and then choose “Manage Shops” from the dropdown menu.


You can change your favorite shop, delete a shop you no longer use, or add additional shops here.


Change your Favorite Shop by typing in the text box. Screen_Shot_2018-12-28_at_3.09.07_PM.png

Delete a shop by clicking Screen_Shot_2018-12-26_at_10.50.13_AM.png. Screen_Shot_2018-12-28_at_3.09.38_PM.png

Add a shop by typing in the Add Shop Text Box and clicking Screen_Shot_2018-12-26_at_10.50.03_AM.png.Screen_Shot_2018-12-28_at_3.10.24_PM.png

Click Screen_Shot_2018-12-28_at_3.10.48_PM.pngwhen finished and Screen_Shot_2018-12-28_at_3.11.16_PM.pngto refresh. Now you are ready to assign ingredients to your shops.

Note: You won’t see your new shops show up on your Shopping List screen until you assign some ingredients to them. Let’s take a look at the ways you can manage your ingredients, including how to assign specific ingredients to your shops.

Manage Your Ingredients

From the Shopping List, if you take your cursor and hover over the ingredient, you will see which recipes will be using that ingredient. This will help you make proper substitutions should your shop be out of this ingredient.


If you click on an ingredient in your Shopping List. You will see this window appear:


You can manage your ingredients in many ways here, including adjusting the amount to purchase, checking that you always have this ingredient so it will not show up on your Shopping List again, and scheduling this item to be purchased at regular intervals. To assign it to a shop, select the shop of your choice from the dropdown next to “Shop”, and click “Save” This is a great tool to help keep your Shopping List budget-friendly because you can assign ingredients to the store that sells them for the best price or where they may be on sale that week.

You can use the “Notes” section to remind you how to tell if that ingredient is ripe or to provide specific instructions in case someone else is doing your shopping. You could also provide a back-up shop as a note in case your preferred shop is out of this ingredient.

You can also assign entire Shopping List categories to a particular shop, so if you buy all of your produce at the farmer’s market or all of your meat from a local farmer, you can easily set your Shopping List up to reflect that. From your Shopping List, click on the category you want to assign.


For example, click on “Produce” to assign all of your produce ingredients to one shop.


Select the shop where you want to buy all your produce, and click “Save”. Now, all of your produce will be assigned to your local farmer’s market (or the shop of your choice).


Managing your shops and ingredients in this way will help you make the most out of your grocery shopping trip and help you get delicious, wholesome food on your table!

**Using the app? Click here to manage your shops and ingredients from our mobile app.**



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