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Creating Your Own Tags to Search and Schedule Recipes

Your Real Plans Recipe Box allows you to create your own tags to apply to recipes.

This will help you search for certain types of recipes, group recipes together, and even schedule the types of recipes you want to see in your Meal Planner using our Filters.

Let’s say you are on a low-FODMAP diet, for example, and are looking for low-FODMAP recipes to add to your Meal Planner. As you look through the Recipe Box and find recipes that fit your needs, you can create a “Low-FODMAP” tag so you can easily find those recipes and can also schedule them into your Meal Planner using the Filters.

You can create a tag for recipes that transport easily for packable lunches, feel-better foods, specific days of a rotation diet, recipes you want to try, or whatever your needs might be. Here’s how:

Open the recipe card you want to tag by clicking on the recipe and selecting View. Just below the recipe image, you will see a section called “Tags”.


Click the + to create a new tag. Once you click the + a dropdown box will open where you can select “Add new tag” if you need to create one or you can select from the list already available.


To add a new tag, click on “Add a new tag.” This will open a pop up window:


Type in the name for the new tag. In this example, we will create a tag for packable lunches.

Once you are done typing, click the + to create the tag.


Viola! Your new tag has been applied to the recipe you selected!


You can apply your new tag to recipes in our database and to recipes you import, as well. You can use your new tag to search the Recipe Box for those recipes and to schedule them using Filters. To learn how to use our Filters to schedule recipes by tags, click here.

**Mobile app users: This action must be performed on our website at this time. You can use your preferred device’s web browser to access our website at**

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