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How to Change the Default Value for the Number of People You Cook For

During the initial set up of your meal planner, you selected a default number of people that you cook for.

If you find that you need to change that value, you can make that change in your settings at any time.

If you are using the website, you will follow the steps below.If you are using the mobileapp, please clickhere.

Access your Diet and Schedule settings

  • Click thegear iconin the upper right corner of the website (this is where you access your Settings)
  • Click onMy Meal PlanorWhole30 Meal Plan
  • This opens the Diet and Schedule page where you can specify the default number of people you cook for
  • Click on Detail
  • Use the arrows to change the number of people you cook for, which will be the number of servings a scheduled recipe will make
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page


For individual, scheduled meals, if you need to change the number of people you cook for click here.

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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