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How to Find Nutritional Information for our Recipes

If you are following a special diet or have certain health conditions, it may be very important to you to have access to the nutritional information for our recipes.

All of our ingredients are linked to the USDA nutritional database. You can get Nutritional information on any Real Plans subscription recipe, as well as our recipes from our add-on contributors. You can even find this information on recipes you have modified or have imported! Just open the recipe and click on Nutritional_Info_Button.pngto see the Nutrition Facts label pop up. You will see nutritional information listed for one serving of the recipe, so keep that in mind if you like to go in for seconds.


For more information about the nutritional information on our recipes, please click here: Real Plans Nutrition Facts.

If you are interested in tracking your macros, you can find information about our Macro Trackerhere and how to use ithere.

**Using the app? Click here to see how to find the nutritional information for our recipes from our mobile app. (The Macro Tracker is only available on our website at this time.)**




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