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How to Modify a Recipe

Modifying a recipe is a great way to make a recipe meet your specific dietary needs.

Select a recipe

  • Open the Recipe Box
  • Uncheck theMy Dietfilter to view recipes that do not currently meet your settings
  • Open the recipe card you want to modify
  • Click Actions in the upper right corner
  • Select Modify


Edit the recipe card

  • Edit the list of ingredients, as necessary to meet your needs
    • For example, omit garlic powder in the recipe above by deleting the ingredient in the list or change ground pork to ground turkey if you don’t eat pork
    • Pro tip:Remember that not all substitutions are equal. For example, you cannot substitute 1 cup of almond flour for 1 cup of wheat flour, so you will want to make sure your substitutions are accurate before modifying the ingredient list.
  • Edit the procedure instructions,as necessary
  • Other modifications that can be made to the recipe card include:
    • Add a note about the recipe
    • Change the active or total time
    • Change the number of servings a recipe makes*
    • Add new tags
    • Change the seasons when you want the recipe scheduled
    • Change the Diet Type, as needed,to match the modifications you made
    • Change the course
    • Change the main ingredient
    • Identify a specific cuisine
    • Set a recipe as a fixed number of servings so that it does not scale when it is scheduled
    • Add or edit timeline instructions
    • Add a serve with (side dish)suggestion to the recipe
  • Click Save
  • Confirmingredients, when changes were made to the ingredient list

*Note: You may consider changingthe number of servings if you find that the number of servings the recipe specifies does not match the amount of food it makes for your family. For example, if you made a recipe that serves 4, but you found it fed your family of 4 and you still had leftovers, you might want to change the number of servings on the recipe card.Changing the number of servings here will not change the measurements in the ingredient list automatically. This modification to the recipe can be compared to opening a cookbook and crossing out “Serves 4” and writing in “Serves 6”.

Revert back to the original recipe

Modifications you make to the recipe card using this method change the original recipe. These recipes will now be located under the Origin: Real Plans-(modified).

To convert the recipe back to the original version:

  • Open the recipe card from the Recipe Box
  • Click Actions
  • Choose Revert

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)