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How to Navigate Between Weeks in the Meal Planner

The meal planner provides you with access to 4 weeks of meal plans:  your current week and the following three weeks.

If you are using the website, you will follow the steps below.App users, click here.

Access your Meal Planner

  • Click on Meal Planner in the upper left corner
  • The first column lists the days of the week
  • The next columns are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively

View additional weeks

  • Use the arrows
    • Navigate forward to see the 3 future weeks
    • Navigate backward to view past weeks
      • Past weeks are visible only when you have logged in to your Meal Planner regularly
  • Click the calendar to move to a specific week quickly


Pro tip: Meal Plans are only created when you log in to your account. Be sure to log in each week and view your plan so you can make any changesyou may want.

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