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How to Set Up Mobile Timeline Notifications

Timeline notifications can be helpful to ensure that you don’t miss a step in your daily meal preparations.

You can enable timeline notifications on your mobile device by using the mobile app. Please note that notifications are not available through the website.

Turn on timeline notifications

  • Click the gear icon (this is where you access your settings)
  • ClickMeal PlanorWhole30 Meal Plan
  • Click Timeline notifications
  • Use the toggle button to turn on your Timeline notifications
    • If you receive a pop up window, be sure toAllow Real Plans to send you notifications
    • Select to receive a single daily summary or set up the desired notification times
  • Click Update

**For Apple iPhone users, you will need to check the permissions for your notifications in your iPhone’s settings.

  • On your iPhone’s home screen, click on Settings
  • Click Notifications
  • Select Real Plans
  • Toggle on Allow Notifications, Sounds, and Badges

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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