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How to Create a Shopping List for Specific Days in the Mobile App

Your Shopping List will automatically show you all of the items that you need for the current week, but you can customize it to create a list for any specific days that you want.

If you are using themobile app, you will follow the steps below.If you are using thewebsite, please clickhere.

Set a specific date range for your Shopping List

  • Click on the shopping cart icon to open yourShopping List
  • Click onThis Weekat the top of the screen, which opens a calendar view
    • Click onNext Week toview the shopping list for next week
      • The selected dates will be highlighted to show the week you have chosen
    • To select a different date range, drag the start day that is indicated by the first green circle to the day you want the shopping list to start
      • Drag the second green circle to the last day for which you want to shop
      • The selected dates will be highlighted to show the week you have chosen
  • ClickSelect dates
  • Your Shopping List now reflects your chosen date range, as indicated by the dates at the top


If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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