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Paleo Meal Plans

Paleo Meal Plans - Real PlansThe ‘caveman’ diet is having a renaissance and for good reason. Many folks feel better when they skip modern processed foods, grains, legumes, and dairy. Paleo meal plans make eating this way so much easier.

Thankfully, going paleo doesn’t have to mean you eat steak and broccoli every night for dinner. Our paleo menus range from quick and easy meals to simple, comfort foods and we have a great variety of breakfast and dessert options too.

If you’ve gone primal, we’ve got you covered with delicious paleo recipes that include dairy.

What if your whole family isn’t paleo?

No problem, you simply set your diet as paleo, but then you can access ALL of the other Real Plans recipes – over 1600! – at any time without changing your plan.

As a subscriber, you can refine your settings and exclude certain food groups or ingredients until your plan is perfect for you. Real Plans will then create a realistic meal plan that your whole family can (and will want to!) eat.


Read this post for 10 good reasons to go paleo. Or this one on how the paleo diet could save your life.

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