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What Is A Healthy Mindset, Anyways?

Around these parts, a healthy mindset has nothing to do with green smoothies or a tight tummy. We don’t have any tricks for weight loss and we certainly won’t try and convince you that one diet is better than another. Why? Because health is not that easy.

What Is A Healthy Mindset, Anyways? - Real Plans

Around these parts, a healthy mindset has nothing to do with green smoothies or a tight tummy. We don’t have any tricks for weight loss and we certainly won’t try and convince you that one diet is better than another .

Why? Because health is not that easy. Or clearcut. And what really matters is that you feel awesome – not necessarily how much you weigh or how many calories you consumed that day.

Fortunately, we’re in good company.

Over the years, Real Plans has been lucky enough to work with folks that have some serious wisdom to drop when it comes to food and a healthy mindset. With January resolutions in full swing, what better time to share them?

Embrace your bigness

Whether this is your physical bigness that comes from muscle mass or (gasp) fat in all the places you don’t want it. Or a big voice and bold moves. Embrace it. Live it. Be it.

Taking up space can be scary. But Steph Gaudreau at Stupid Easy Paleo points out,

Over the years, I’ve come to understand these truths…

1. No matter what you choose – stay or go, do it or don’t, shrink or grow – someone is going to have an opinion either way. So why not do what your heart is called to do and let the opinions come?!

2. As a corollary to #1: You cannot control what other people think about you. Wanna try? Be my guest. It’s f*cking exhausting.

Feel empowered to choose what’s right for you

Okay – so Cassy Joy over at Fed and Fit was talking baby monitors and bottles – not food. But whether it’s #momguilt or diet rules, there’s something about feeling empowered, proud, and strong in your decisions. Even if they are different from someone else’s.

In other words, do what’s right for you. And don’t look back.

FEEL EMPOWERED, not shamed, into choosing what’s right for you (just like they did). Seek input and mentorship from those you trust, stay open to learning at every turn, but don’t ever FEEL BAD because someone else would’ve made a different decision. Again, they’re (almost certainly) seeing your choices through their filter, not yours.

Health is a journey

On Instagram, Jenny McGruther explains that she was never supposed to have children (she has two).

About 15 years ago (after years of feeling sick and being told it was all in my head), I was told that my endocrine health was ravaged between PCOS and thyroid disease and that I’d never be able to conceive without significant medical intervention.

I undertook some pretty big changes including pharmaceuticals when I needed them, but, more importantly, made dietary changes (like eating meat and good fats) and I was able to conceive both of them naturally and without intervention.

Health is a journey (and I still struggle to a degree) but when my doctor told me “never” she was wrong.

Real change is possible

If a healthy mindset is one that welcomes change and can stick to a shift in habits, then take baby steps. According to The Paleo Mom blogger, Sarah Ballantyne, small consistent wins equal big gains…when you’re patient.

Research shows that the average length of time it takes to form a new habit is more like 66 days. But even this doesn’t mean you’ll have to white-knuckle your way through the next two months!… Associations with positive outcomes (like having more energy and losing a few pounds) can expedite habit formation.

To get to where you want to be, try reverse engineering what it takes to get there. Then give yourself plenty of time to see the magic unfold.

Ditch the scale

A program like Whole30 allows you to press reset on your diet and take a hard look at your relationship with food. Besides creating new habits, you might notice changes in your health. Maybe your sleep is better, your allergies are gone, or you feel less bloated. Or, maybe you feel more confident.

These are your NSV or non-scale victories. And they’re worth your attention.

If stepping on the scale and seeing a weight loss of “only” two or three pounds will erase all the good you’re feeling right now, just don’t do it. Because guess what? The scale doesn’t matter. The scale doesn’t measure sexy, confident, strong, healthy, proud, committed, or happy. And why would you give anyone or anything the power to take all of that away from you?

Be your best you

Do you measure your best by what others think is beautiful, fun, lovable, and successful? If so, you might always find yourself chasing something just out of your reach. Mel Joulwan, author and paleo blogger, challenges herself to get rid of outside fitness goals. She asks,

What’s the best version of you?

Not the one you think other people want to see, or the one the media tells you to be. The one you desire to be, deep down. Can you work toward being the best version of you? Without judgment? Without punishment? Without reward? Can you revel in being you?

Emily Montes

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Emily Montes is the co-founder and CEO of She's also an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, a published author, a wife, and a mom of two. Emily hopes to make meal planning easier and inspire families to share more meals around the table.

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