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Best Food Storage Containers For An Organized Kitchen

In our opinion, the best food storage containers help to keep your food fresher for longer. Bonus points if they’re also reusable and eco-friendly. 

Best Food Storage Containers For An Organized Kitchen - Real Plans

Along with , you’ll need a way store prepped food when planning out your meals for the week. In our opinion, the best food storage containers help to keep your food fresher for longer.

Bonus points if they’re also reusable and eco-friendly.

Here’s a quick list of our picks. These are the food storage containers that we use over (and over) again.

Glass food storage containers

Versatile and easy to see through, glass food storage containers are perfect for leftovers, pre-chopped veggies, and fresh fruit.

Plus, oven-safe glass storage that doubles as bakeware gives you an airtight fit and it can easily move from freezer to fridge to oven.

After pulling pre-cooked casseroles out of the freezer, be sure to give it 24-hours in your refrigerator to thaw before baking. And when reheating food in cold glass, you can avoid temperature fluctuations (and cracked glass) by placing pre-cooked refrigerated meals in your oven as it preheats.

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Divided glass meal prep containers

Metal doesn’t do so well in the microwave. So, if you’re toting your lunch to work, we suggest using glass instead of plastic.

The reasons are many. For the sake of brevity, let’s just say that plastic contains an estrogen-like compound that can move into the food or liquid that it stores. Especially when heated. And this is less-than-awesome for your health.

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Silicone bags

Perfect for travel or foods that may leak (like fruit), silicone bags can also safely hold meat as it marinates in the fridge or they can replace plastic bags for freezer storage.

If you sous vide at home, you can also use silicone instead of plastic. Just make sure your reusable silicone bag is large enough to accommodate what you’re cooking.

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Produce keepers

Wilted and mushy produce, be gone! We’re all about and produce keepers may be just thing to keep you excited about that weekly farmer’s market haul.

Good for organization. Great for long(er) term storage of leafy greens and berries, produce keepers will trap ethylene gas, which triggers food to ripen. This slows down aging reduces food waste.

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Cotton produce bags

There’s more than one way to keep those greens crisp. If you’d rather skip the bulky bins, keep your produce in a damp cotton bag in your crisper.

The catch is that the cotton needs to remain damp and will dry out within a few days.

Perks of reusable cotton produce bags in your fridge is that you can also take them shopping, cutting down on how many plastic bags you bring home from the market.

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Mason and weck glass jars

Need to store fresh herbs or pull together a quick salad dressing? Glass jars to the rescue.

How about a place to put the dried fruit, pulses, grains, nuts, and seeds you brought home in your cotton produce bags? Glass jars.

Got a batch of cabbage you want to ferment? Wide mouth glass jars.

What about plastic-free storage of soups, braises, and bone broth in your freezer? Large glass jars. Just be sure to leave a little room at the top for expanding liquid as it freezes.

The tasks a simple glass jar can take on are seemingly endless.

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Did we leave something out? What are the best food storage containers you’ve used? Tag us! #realplans

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