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Why add Ditch the Carbs?

Among the top low-carb websites in the world, family cooks love Ditch the Carbs for its down to earth and straightforward approach.

After years of dieting and struggling with her weight, Libby Jenkinson found the LCHF (low carb healthy fat) lifestyle. She had such success with it that it changed the trajectory of her life.

At a low-carb conference, Libby had a light bulb moment. She realized that while people were getting good advice from the scientific front, they weren’t getting the practical advice on what and how to eat in everyday life.

Libby was a registered pharmacist and she wanted to help other people find health through their diet. She considered becoming a nutritionist, but found the only certification available involved outdated nutrition guidelines.

Instead, Libby decided to start Ditch the Carbs to help others learn a new way of eating. All the recipes are low-carb, sugar free, grain free and gluten free. Many are keto and paleo.

“I truly feel I have helped more people regain their health in the last three years by creating this site than I have in the last 25 years dispensing medication,” said Libby in an interview.

Today Ditch the Carbs is the leading website for low-carb in New Zealand and Australia, and among the top in the world. She has written three books, has numerous free resources on her blog, and hosts free online support groups.

She has accomplished all this while being a mom of three young children. And that, she thinks, is really the secret to her blog.

“Families are loving my recipes and my down-to-earth approach. I am a busy mum so I don’t use difficult techniques or hard-to-find ingredients,” she explained.

To create those yummy recipes, Libby just thinks of normal foods and puts a low-carb twist on them. Her keto waffles, for example, have rave reviews and impress even those unimpressed with all things keto. She makes a low-carb slow-cooker beef stroganoff, ditching the pasta and using veggies to serve it over, which immediately changes the carbohydrate profile of the meal without sacrificing flavor.

Eating low-carb doesn’t mean self-denial with treats like Libby’s raspberry swirl cheesecake, rich and decadent but still low in carbs. Or chocolate paleo seed bars, made especially for those needing low-carb but also nut-free delights.

Ditch the Carbs is for those who want to make low-carb and healthy eating a practical part of everyday life.


Emily Bartlett

About Emily Bartlett

Emily Bartlett is the co-founder and CEO of She's also a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, a published author, a wife, and a mom of two. Emily hopes to make meal planning easier and inspire families to share more meals around the table.

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