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15 Makeover Keto Dessert Recipes

When deciding to go keto, it might seem like keto dessert recipes are off the table: Low carbs means no sugar, no honey, not even most fruit.


Who wants to eat without dessert?

It’s true that traditional sweets can leave you feeling bloated, comatose, or guilty. But on the keto diet, high fat milk products (think cream and cream cheese), chocolate, and berries and lemons are allowed – which can make for decadent desserts, keto or not.

And due to their high fat content, a few bites of these keto desserts go a long way.

While you still shouldn’t go crazy making keto desserts, alternatives to carb-laden sweets do exist.

We’ve gathered together 15 keto dessert recipes so you don’t feel deprived. Not only that, but these recipes are keto versions of traditional desserts that you would miss the most.

Emily Bartlett

About Emily Bartlett

Emily Bartlett is the co-founder and CEO of She's also a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, a published author, a wife, and a mom of two. Emily hopes to make meal planning easier and inspire families to share more meals around the table.

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