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Real plans simplifies meal planning so you can plan, shop, and eat – getting real food on the table in a snap.There’s lots of fun and helpful things you can do with Real Plans to customize it to fit your life like a glove – from changing your portion sizes if you’re hosting a dinner party to adding your heirloom family recipes.

But before you get all fancy, this page will help you to get acquainted with the basics so you can get cooking right away.

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Cheat Sheet

If you have been with us forever and would like to just print your plan, go here:
-> -> Print Meal PlanHowever, we suggest the following 3 steps to Meal Planning nirvana.

Step 1 – Plan your meals

Modify the plan

Modify your plan by dragging recipes to the day you want, using the trash can to delete recipes you don’t want, and using the to add a new dish.

Step 2 – Review shopping list

Start to check off ingredients

Check off ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Change ingredient quantities

If a recipe calls for 1 tomato but you’d like to buy 6, click on the ingredient and change the quantity.

Add more ingredients/items

Click on to add items/ingredients to your shopping list that are not in your planned recipes (like breakfast items or dish soap).

Step 3 – Print or email your shopping List

Take Real Plans to the shops

Shopping List -> -> Choose to email or print shopping list


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