Family-Approved GAPS Diet Recipes And Meal Plan

Family-Approved GAPS Diet Recipes And Meal Plan

Family-Approved GAPS Diet Recipes And Meal Plan - Real Plans

From learning disabilities to eczema, more parents are turning to GAPS diet recipes for solutions. Otherwise known as the gut and psychology syndrome diet, the GAPS diet can soothe inflammation and mend a leaky gut, getting rid of a variety of health problems linked to unhappy digestion.

But the GAPS protocol is very specific and sometimes limiting. Which means that cooking GAPS diet recipes can be demanding. And repetitive.

If you’d rather not slave away in the kitchen or bore your kids to tears, you must meal plan. With a week of GAPS diet recipes on your menu, you’ll obsess a little less about food. And you will have more free time. Something moms can always use a little more of, yes?

Below I’ve put some of my favorite GAPS diet recipes into a five-day meal plan. You can download a printable version here. These meals are appropriate for the full GAPS diet.

Not sure what that means? Click here and read more about different stages of the GAPS diet.

Confetti chicken noodle salad

Family-Approved GAPS Diet Recipes And Meal Plan - Real Plans

Even though the weather is starting to cool down, it can still be pretty warm especially if you have an Indian summer. This salad uses kelp, a yummy way to still have noodles on the GAPS diet. With lots of fresh veggies and a lime almond dressing, this chicken salad is easy to put together and will keep the whole family asking for more.

Get the confetti chicken noodle salad with lime-almond dressing recipe here.

Dill and garlic baked salmon

Family-Approved GAPS Diet Recipes And Meal Plan - Real Plans

With a few ingredients, these salmon fillets bake up in just 7-10 minutes. The extra cost of wild caught salmon is worth it for the taste and health benefits. Prepping your salmon is as easy as putting it on a pan, sprinkling it with various spices, and baking. Serve over soft zucchini noodles and with crunchy bits of broccoli for a fast GAPS-friendly meal that will please your kids.

Get the dill and garlic baked salmon recipe here.

Best lentil soup

Family-Approved GAPS Diet Recipes And Meal Plan - Real Plans

On those cooler autumn days, lentil soup is the perfect cozy dinner. With veggies like collards or kale, tomatoes, and carrots, and delicious spices like cumin and thyme, this lentil soup will cook up quickly. Try to soak the lentils for greater nutrition. For even more deliciousness and health benefits, make the soup with bone broth, which helps heal the gut wall.

Get the best lentil soup recipe here.

Delicious bean-free chili

Family-Approved GAPS Diet Recipes And Meal Plan - Real Plans

While navy beans and lima beans are allowed on the full GAPS diet, many on the diet still have trouble digesting them. This version of bean-free chili combines the best of chili – ground beef with tomatoes and chili spices – and leaves the beans out. Make sure the cheese is full GAPS compliant, like aged cheddar or swiss. And use homemade yogurt instead of sour cream.

Get the delicious bean-free chili recipe here.

Veggie Frittata

Family-Approved GAPS Diet Recipes And Meal Plan - Real Plans

Eggs are one of your best friends on a GAPS diet, as they don’t need to be prepared beforehand, kids like them, and they can be cooked up in a jiffy. Full of veggies both delicious and healthy – like mushrooms, pepper, and spinach – this frittata will be a favorite for dinner. Frittatas are very versitile, so feel free to sub the vegetables with your favorites, or whatever you happen to have on hand. Serve with homemade GAPS-friendly salsa or ketchup, or add cheese for even more flavor.

Get the veggie frittata recipe here.

Your family-approved GAPS diet meal plan

Monday: Confetti chicken noodle salad

Tuesday: Dill and garlic baked salmon with zucchini noodles

Wednesday: Best lentil soup

Thursday: Delicious bean-free chili

Friday: Veggie frittata

Your timeline

Monday evening

  • Prepare confetti chicken noodle salad

Tuesday morning

  • Defrost salmon, if frozen

Tuesday evening

  • Prepare dill and garlic baked salmon with zucchini noodles

Wednesday morning

  • Soak lentils
  • Make bone broth, if using

Wednesday evening

  • Prepare best lentil soup

Thursday morning

  • Defrost ground turkey or beef, if frozen

Thursday evening

  • Prepare delicious bean-free chili

Friday evening

  • Prepare veggie frittata

Your shopping list

carrots – 8
coconut – 2/3 cup
collard greens – 2 cups
fresh dill – 12 sprigs
fresh ginger – 1 inch
garlic – 3 heads
green onions – 6
kale – 4 cups
limes – 4
mushrooms – 3 cups
onions – 6
purple cabbage – 1/2
red peppers – 5
spinach – 4 cups
sugar snap peas – 4 cups
vegetable broth – 2 quarts
yellow onion – 1

Eggs & dairy 
eggs – 16
cheese – garnish
yogurt – garnish

Grains, legumes & flours 
brown lentils – 2 cups

Canned/jarred goods
almond butter – 6 tablespoons
diced tomatoes – 6 28-oz cans
hot sauce – 4 teaspoons
lemon juice – 4 tablespoons
tomato paste – 2 cans
tomato sauce – 2

chicken – 2 pounds boneless/skinless
ground turkey or beef- 2 pounds
salmon – 3 pounds

chili powder
curry powder
dried thyme
ground black pepper
ground cumin
red pepper flakes
sea salt

Vinegar and oils
apple cider vinegar
coconut oil
extra virgin olive oil
sesame oil

fish sauce – 1 teaspoon
kelp noodles – 1 package

Get a printable PDF of the GAPS diet meal plan here.