A Week Of Easy AIP Diet Dinners With A Printable AIP Meal Plan - Real Plans

A Week Of Easy AIP Diet Dinners (with a FREE printable AIP meal plan)

A Week Of Easy AIP Diet Dinners - Real Plans

An autoimmune disorder is when your body attacks itself. The AIP diet limits certain foods to reduce inflammation so that the body can heal. This is good for your body, but it can also take a toll on your creativity in the kitchen.

Although the AIP diet requires a fair amount of planning ahead to do successfully, relief from symptoms makes it worth the effort.

And think of all the foods you CAN eat: a large array of fruit and vegetables, all kinds of meat and fish, some root-based flour alternatives, and even a few sweeteners for special occasions.

There are many easy, nourishing AIP friendly meals that make cooking and mealtime fun. Here are five easy meals for a week’s worth of dinners.

Hearty Irish lamb stew

A Week Of Easy AIP Dinners - Real Plans

Stews are a no-fuss meal that you can put together and let bubble away merrily for a bowl of comfort. This stew uses celeriac and turnips to replace barley and potatoes, for a stew so delicious you’d never guess it had been adapted to be AIP. Stew is also a great way to get more of gut-healing bone broth in your day.

Get the full Hearty Irish lamb stew recipe

Tourtière-inspired shepherd’s pie

A Week Of Easy AIP Dinners - Real Plans

Tourtière is a French Canadian meat pie, and this recipe uses that as inspiration for this meaty shepherd’s pie. Almost any ground meat can be used (we won’t tell if you hide some liver in there). Topped with a creamy cauliflower mash, this shepherd’s pie is another comfort meal that you can pull out of the oven like a master AIP diet chef.

Get the full Tourtière-inspired shepherd’s pie recipe

Paleo chicken pad thai

A Week Of Easy AIP Dinners - Real Plans

If it sometimes feels like you just want a quickie meal on the table, try this chicken pad thai. A broccoli and carrot slaw mix ready made makes this dish a breeze. Of course, you can always spiralize your favorite veggies instead, which take the place of noodles. With fish sauce, cilantro, and lime, this dish will take you right to the exotic. Just make sure the fish sauce is AIP friendly and skip the cashews.

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Hawaiian salmon with cauliflower rice

A Week Of Easy AIP Dinners - Real Plans

This baked salmon combines the sweet and savory taste of Hawaiian pizza. Using frozen pineapple chunks makes this dish take all of ten minutes to put together – just fry bacon, place bacon and pineapple over salmon, and bake for 20 minutes. Dinner is served.

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Garlic and ginger cauliflower rice

A Week Of Easy AIP Dinners - Real Plans

While the salmon is baking, whip together some cauliflower rice, which also takes just a few minutes. Use a food processor or high speed blender (with water) to rice the cauliflower, and then saute. This version flavors the rice with ginger, garlic, and a tad of vinegar – you can make it plain or flavored, to suit your taste and the salmon.

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Rib-Eye Steak with Celeriac and Horseradish Purée, Thyme Butter

A Week Of Easy AIP Dinners - Real Plans

Steaks are both an easy and tricky cut of meat to cook. Easy, because there is so little work involved, just salt and put on a hot pan. Tricky because you want to use a hot pan but not overcook your meat. Herbed duck fat is used to make the thyme ‘butter’, and horseradish, a classic condiment for beef, is mixed in with the celeriac puree. For a relatively short amount of cooking time, you can have a fancy meal on the table.

Get the full Rib-Eye Steak with Celeriac and Horseradish Purée, Thyme Butter recipe

Your AIP diet meal plan (get the PDF here)

Monday: Hearty Irish lamb stew

Tuesday: Tourtiere-inspired shepherd’s pie

Wednesday: Paleo chicken pad thai

Thursday: Hawaiian salmon with cauliflower rice

Friday: Rib-eye steak with celeriac and horseradish puree

Your timeline

Monday morning

  • Defrost lamb, if frozen

Monday evening

  • Prepare Irish lamb stew

Tuesday morning

  • Defrost ground meat, if frozen

Tuesday evening

  • Prepare tourtiere-inspired shepherd’s pie

Wednesday morning

  • Defrost chicken meat, if frozen

Wednesday evening

  • Prepare chicken pad thai

Thursday morning

  • Defrost salmon, if frozen

Thursday evening

  • Prepare Hawaiian salmon and cauliflower rice

Friday morning

  • Defrost rib-eye steaks, if frozen

Friday evening

  • Prepare rib-eye steaks and celeriac and horseradish puree
Easy AIP Dinner Meal Plans - Real Plans

Click here to download a printable meal plan for easy AIP dinners.




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